NFL Predictions Week 9: ESPN Says...Big Blue Sees Big Loss!

OK fans, let’s get this out of the way right now. The Rams?! Really? The Rams beat the Saints. My head is still spinning on its neck like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. What can you say? Any given Sunday. Well, we’ve got another Sunday (and Monday) right around the corner and our picks are fresh out of the oven.

ESPN has baked up a tasty little batch of predictions for the upcoming week, as did I. Each week I go head to head with the experts and their two fortune telling robots. The race is pretty close and is still anyones game. Read on to see how they did, how I did and what teams we’re labeling as the easy wins, the fights to the finish and the upsets of the week. Check it out!

Jets @ Bills: Buffalo started the season off by dominating the stats. Slowly but surely they have been slipping backwards, despite securing a 5-2 record. The Jets started their seasons off in typical fashion, with Rex Ryan guaranteeing that he and his Green Goblins would be bringing home the Lombardi Trophy. Buffalo’s offense shadows its defense – a defense that is nearly last in the league. The Bills are 4-0 at home this season and the Jets haven’t exactly lived up to Rex Ryan’s hype. However, and I am in the minority here folks, I think that Buffalo will suffer its first defeat at home this Sunday. Jets win.

Seahawks @ Cowboys: Jerry Jones and his band of merry men were not so merry last weekend and suffered a spanking that they are not soon to forget. This week, they look to save face, against a subpar team, in their stripper pole filled stadium. Cowboys win. Ya’ll come back now. Y’hear?

Falcons @ Colts: There are only two winless teams left. The Colts are one of them and will continue to be throughout the entire season. Can you say 1st Overall Draft Pick? I knew you could. Falcons win. Pick of the week.

Dolphins @ Chiefs: Kansas City pulled out another tough win. After a dismal start to the season, the Chiefs have been quietly making noise and climbing up the ladder of the AFC West. They are now in a three way tie for 1st place with the Chargers and Raiders. The Dolphins put up a good fight last week. But KC has won their last 4 games and are getting their groove back. Chiefs win.

Buccaneers @ Saints: There’s not much to say here. I opened this article conveying my utter disbelief with NOLA’s loss to the Rams last week. They’re back home, full of gumbo and ready to get the Quarter rocking’! Saints win.

49ers @ Redskins: The Skins will be the only team in the NFC East to lose a step in their division this week. Why? First, they got off to a banging start and fooled everyone. The media had pinned the NFC East Champion tail on this donkey and are now living to regret it. The Bills completely shut them down throughout all four quarters last week. The Niners are coming on strong and do not show signs of slowing down any time soon. Frisco wins!

Browns @ Texans: Cleveland has some things going for them this year. Not a lot of things. But they still have some. Their defense is one of them, and just about the only thing really. Houston has a better defense, Arian Foster and a dangerous offense. They’re at home too. Texans win.

Bengals @ Titans: This should be a good one. If Matt Hasslebeck can maintain some constancy in this game…well…it isn’t going to make much of a difference. It will be a competitive game. In the end, Cincy has too much talent for this spotty Tennessee team. Bengals win.

Broncos @ Raiders: This may have been my most difficult decision of the week. The reviews are mixed on Tim Tebow. But one thing is for sure, he will not quit. He will look for every possible way to come out on top. Unfortunately, I do not think he will find a way to do it this week, not against the Raiders – at home – with the spirit of Al Davis on their side…well, that and the best offensive line in the NFL. Raiders win.

Giants @ Patriots: Ooo…how many Giants fans are quaking in their Big Blue boots? Not me. That’s for sure! We are programmed to conjure up visions of grandeur when we hear the word “Patriots” spoken. I can’t say that this does not come without merit. However, as good as the Patriots are this season, they still are not as great as they have been in the past. They have proven to be a beatable team. Their defense is dead last in the league. Now, you can not expect Eli Manning, who has been on fire lately, not to have a great day against a defense like New England’s. The G-Men have taken down some formidable opponents this season, the Bills being one of them. Yeah, yeah…the Pats have won 20 straight home games and have Justin Bieber’s illegitimate father, Tom Brady. But Brady doesn’t have the receiving corp that he used to and the Giants are a sacking machine from which there is no escape. Hey Belichick – the Grim Reaper called. He wants his demeanor back. Giants win.

Rams @ Cardinals: It’s the battle of the basement, folks. Who will take last place of their division between these two rivals? Easy, the guys who took out the Saints last week. That was no easy task for a winless St Louis team. I see them carrying that momentum onward and upward…at least for one more week. Rams win.

Packers @ Chargers: Green Bay is coming off of a Bye Week. Are you kidding me? Packers win.

Ravens @ Steelers: This is not going to be a pretty game. It will be a tough battle from beginning to end. What once looked like a sleepy Pittsburgh team in decline is now taking on the appearance of the team that we’re used to seeing putting up road blocks on the path to the Super Bowl. The two best defenses in the NFL will be facing off against each other. There is no shortage of talent on these two teams. But Pittsburgh has definitely got an edge up on Baltimore, and not just because of the home field advantage. Steelers win.

Bears @ Eagles: I would like to say that Chicago is going to win this game. I believe that they have what it takes to beat the birds. I just don’t think they are together enough as a team to do it, certainly not in Philadelphia. But, there is that element of irate Philly fans. This fowl feathered team has not been exactly fab friendly these days. I would love to see them be the 12th man for ChiTown. Ah, to sleep perchance to dream. Eagles win.

There it is. I’ve said my piece! NFL Predictions Week 9! What say ye?

**Teams with Bye Weeks: Jaguars, Lions, Vikings and Panthers.**

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