The New York Giants: Repeating The Beating - Patriots Lose!!

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They were without their leading receiver. Their starting running back, full back and center all missed the game due to injury. Their 1st pick overall in the 2011 NFL Draft made the trip, but did not play.

Of the six categories (ten positions within each slot), not one…NOT ONE single member of the New York Giants earned themselves a slot in the NFL Weekly leader board. They were shutdown for the entire first half. Just how did Big Blue pull off their biggest upset of the season? We’ve got answers. Join me on this incredibly inspiring fact finding recap.

Eli Manning and Tom Brady were hounded with the same questions throughout the week leading up to yesterday’s matchup at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA. Everyone wanted to know if there was anything left over from Super Bowl XLII going into this game. Being trained to have a “one game at a time” mindset, each player denied any residual mojo or bad luck existed from that memorable day. Deep down, I think we all know that this is not the full blown truth.

Super Bowl XLII was epic. It turned out to be a design for living; that anything is possible. Eli Manning and the New York Giants proved that to be the case once more. Of course, the New England Patriots are not the team that they were in 2007. But they are still a force to be reckoned with. Tom Brady made that statement yesterday, despite a heart wrenching loss.

Ironically enough, the statistics for both games are virtual mirrors of each other. Here is a side by side comparison of both QBs from the SB XLII and yesterday’s game:

Manning vs Brady 2007 Stats:

Manning vs Brady 2011 Stats:

Their stat comparisons are eerily similar. And if you dig a little deeper, you will find that there are many other stats that are almost identical. Coincidence? Definitely not. These two teams know that there will always be an underlying theme whenever they meet. It will always be a high octane game, until one of these teams gets on a long run of dominating the other (as the Giants are on now), whence these two teams square off on the gridiron.

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