The New York Giants: Repeating The Beating - Patriots Lose!!

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Who else deserves some acknowledgment? Special Teams, despite a couple of mishandled punts. Steve Weatherford had another incredible week. Zak DeOssie looked like a locomotive and was the first man down the field to lay the smackdown on the returners. Giants fans know how crucial a good kicker, punter and guys who can make tackles down the field are. Last season was a Special Teams nightmare. it is nice to be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Even though the G-Men were light on the pressure yesterday, Jason Pierre-Paul, who is the NFL’s 3rd leading sacker, and Michael Boley were able to put Brady in the dirt and record a sack each. There were only 3 hits on Brady yesterday. We all know how explosive he can be when given the chance. The lack of QB pressure on the Giants’ part and taking away his bulls eyes tell the tale of why the result of this game is the way it is. But does it tell all? Not at all.

This New York team does not have what one would call an All-Star roster like some of the other teams around the league, or conference. They are never presumed to be the best of the best before the season starts, like some of the other teams around the league and conference. Even after all they have accomplished this year, in spite of losing Pro Bowl players in the offseason and the mounting injuries, they are still not considered to be the heavyweights of the NFC East, even thigh they are a full two games ahead of the pack. So, how do they pull out a win of this magnitude?

It is a lesson that Eli Manning and the entire New York Giants organization taught us back in 2007, if you can believe it you can achieve it! These guys believe in each other. They’re not a big round up of marquis players. Some who are in the starting lineup are 2nd and 3rd stringers. Collectively they believe in their coach. They believe in their QB. They believe in their organization. They believe that they can go out there each week and put together a winning performance. That is exactly what they have been doing this season. That is exactly what they did in 2007.

They don’t have a top five team in total offense. They don’t have a top five team in total defense. They don’t have a top five offensive line. But don’t tell them that. Because they will go out there and prove you wrong. We’re at mid season, folks. We’re also in sole possession of 1st place of the NFC East with a record of 6-2. Guess what. We started the first 8 games, last season, at 6-2 also and we all know how the season ended last year.

This was the first of, what most are calling, a brutal five game run. Yes, the game against New England and the next four games were/are the most trying of the season. But after that, we face the Dallas Cowboys twice and they are always dangerous. We will also face the New York Jets and that will not be a picnic either. It’s definitely more than just a hard 5 games ahead of us. The Giants defeating the Patriots yesterday puts a new spin on things. There has been cautious concern for Big Blue and their upcoming schedule. Perhaps there should be concern for those that have to face the New York Giants.

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