What They Say...Week 10 Power Rankings

Anyone else still riding the high of that game against New England? It was exciting for sure, and the Power Rankings certainly show the added faith the experts are feeling for the Giants. National Football Post has ranked them at number 2, but what does everyone else think?

The Giants Across the Board

Fox Sports: 5(11)

Truly impressive win for the Giants. If they can just split the upcoming games at the 49ers, Philly, at the Saints and Green Bay, they will be in great shape. With all the talk of Eli Manning being elite — he can prove it by doing more than just splitting that stretch of games.

There is a lot of talk about Eli and his impressive play of late, and rightfully so, but this win was earned by the entire team. They continue to overcome the odds, whether it be injuries, bad previous games or negativity from everyone around them. They passed the first test, time will tell if Eli and the rest of the team are elite.

CBS Sports 3(4)

When I had the Giants up high last week, a lot of people laughed at me. Are you still laughing? This team has another tough test at the 49ers.

It’s never easy to go across the country to play a game. But I think the road warriors could be back, and we will know for sure after Sunday.

NFL Mocks: 7(7)

I’ve been down on the Giants all year (even though they are my favorite team) because their defense has been pretty awful. If their defense plays like it did on Sunday, they have a real shot at running away with this division. Eli Manning has led this team to five come from behind victories this season, which is  M.V.P. worthy (if Aaron Rodgers wasn’t in the league). The Giants are getting healthier at the right time of the season. Rookie Prince Amukamara seems healthy now but Coughlin has said until he’s “right on the practice field” which makes it sound like Coughlin is talking more about understanding all the defensive calls. He should be back soon. WR Ramses Barden couldn’t have gotten healthy at a better time. As long as this team keeps Osi Umeinyora, Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre Paul and Corey Webster healthy they have a chance.

The only site to not move the Giants up in their rankings this week, and I think it’s fair. For all the good things they did in New England, they have been inconsistent throughout the season, and no one really knows who they are. One would hope that they do at least.

Pro Football Talk: 3(6)

The good news for the Giants is that quarterback Eli Manning truly has become elite.  The better news is that the whole team is, too.

Again, giving credit where credit is due. The Giants as a whole won this game.

Some more relevant rankings via National Football Post:

San Francisco 49ers: 3 (7-1, week 10)

The Niners will face their most difficult team in several weeks in the Giants. Rightfully so, they will be the favorites, but this is a big contest for both teams. While both have winning records and are leading their divisions, there is debate about how good these teams really are. Only one can win, but the overall performance of both teams will be judged.

Philadelphia Eagles: 15 (3-5, week 11)

For a minute there I thought the Eagles were on their way to being relevant again, but another home loss to the Bears have squashed any talk of them turning the corner for the time being. They face the Cardinals before traveling up the turnpike to seek revenge on the Giants Sunday night. As always, this will be a nail-biter until the end.

New Orleans Saints: 7 (6-3, week 12)

Another inconsistent team with a winning record. But that doesn’t mean they can be taken lightly, especially at home, where the Giants will face them. Let’s hope it’s a great homecoming for Eli, where Archie will no doubt be in the stands.

Green Bay Packers: 1 (8-0, week 13)

So after facing the Saints on Monday night the Giants will greet the possibly still undefeated Packers at home. Yikes! But on the bright side we are starting to see a clink in their armor on the defense, and Eli has it in him to exploit those weaknesses. This will be a shootout, and it will be up to the defense to step up.

Dallas Cowboys: 16 (4-4, week 14)

They sit in second place in the division, with two meetings with the Giants still looming. Inconsistency seems to be the theme in this division, but perhaps by week 14 we will understand this team a little better.

Washington Redskins: 26 (3-5, week 15)

As of now this is the worst ranked team the Giants will face in the next month and a half. And yet it will be highly important to win this one, due to that first week debacle. Of course, any division game is key, but this will be a home game and the Giants should know better than to take them lightly.

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