Tall Tales - After Action Review

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The defense did not allow a first half TD for the second game in a row, and didn’t score a first half TD for the second game in a row. They managed to hold the ball for long stretches of time. Manning reverted to type with two INT’s although the San Francisco defense is leading the league in turnover differential. From  the standpoint of defense, the G-Men held the formidable 49er rushing attack in check, with only 77 yards rushing. 27 of them came on an Alex Smith scramble, so the rushing D looked good. Unfortunately, the Giants’ plan of making Alex Smith beat the Giants with a passing attack failed to materialize. For a QB who is known as a game manager, Alex Smith hit his receivers and caused the Giants defenders fits.

The worst part from the standpoint of the Giants’ fans, however, had to be the onside kick. The Giants special teams played well during the game, but were caught by surprise by the bold move. In spite of the fact that the Giants moved the ball well, the Niner’s defense did what it excels at: bending, but not breaking. The Giants had a couple of chances to tie the game in the late stages, but couldn’t get it done.

If there’s any good news, the Giants will now be angry about how they let the game slip away, and will look to take their anger out on their next opponent, which coincidentally, happens to be a division foe. Da Iggles are coming to visit the G-Men, and it was announced today that Michael Vick has two broken ribs, so his staus is uncertain. Until my next preview, GO G-MEN!

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