Jan 23, 2011; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; New York Jets owner Woody Johnson (left) has his picture taken with New Jersey governor Chris Christie before the start of the 2011 AFC championship playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Governor Chris Christie and the New York Football Giants

Yesterday I was forwarded an e-mail by the owners of this site that included a video of Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.  The original e-mail was sent by Riccardo Diaz, Director of Media Affairs, Office of the Governor, The State of New Jersey.  The title was “Giants victory Rally Should be in New Jersey”.

Now, I like Governor Christie.  I like his no-nonsense style, his holding the media to the same standards he is held to by them.  I like his plain talk and openness.  I think, however that the Governor is approaching this particular topic from the wrong angle.  Governor Christie has worked well with both teams, but clearly roots for the front runner, or the perceived front runner at the moment.  When asked to pick a winner for the Christmas Eve tilt between the Giants and Jets, he didn’t hesitate in his praise for the Jets picking them to win by 7.  Again, I like a politician that takes a stand, but if you are going to choose a side….then choose and stay there!  He sat in the owners box that day, celebrating the Jets first drive, smiling from ear to ear.  Of course we didn’t hear from him after that as the Jets got beaten badly by the Giants, and then by Miami, to finish 8-8 and head home for the off-season.

Now, out of the Blue, all puns intended, Governor Christie is using the same argument he used when the Jets headed off to Pittsburgh to lose another AFC Championship game.  “They play in N.J., they practice in N.J., they live in N.J.” the only thing New York about the Jets is their name…in the Giants case he inserts “their helmets”.  What Governor Christie and his staff seem to forget is the official name of the team is “The New York Football Giants”, always has been, and always will be.

Let me, for one minute here, audition for a job with the Governors office.  Here’s how I would handle it:

First, get your friend Mr. Woody Johnson to state that When they win the Super Bowl ( and we all know that guarantee is coming before September) the Jets will have their celebration in New Jersey. Then, instead of publicly trying to exert some phony pressure on the Mara’s, the Tisch’s and the Team, meet with them.  Have a quiet conversation about “The Plan” you have devised to make the people of New Jersey feel more involved in any celebration. Hear both side of the conversation.  The Giants are a team that is in touch with their fan base.  Season Ticket holders like myself constantly receive e-mails, surveys, phone calls, and letters asking our opinion on any number of topics.  John Mara, much like his father, reads and answers the letters sent to him.  They know where their fan base resides and their issues if any.  Use that to your advantage, don’t try and create a phony two week uproar over a parade.  Oh, and by the way, that parade is held in the “Canyon of Heroes”…Not Patterson Plank Road.  The Canyon tradition started before most of us were born, with the likes of General MacArthur, Charles Lindbergh, Mickey Mantle and The New York Yankees, Keith Hernandez and The New York Mets, and Mark Messier and The New York Rangers.  This is not some parade down Hempstead Turnpike heading to Uniondale, this is a long lasting tradition that should continue at all costs. When answering the question yesterday the Governor said he was going to “Tell” Mr. Mara what he would do….I would have said “Discuss”, or share ideas.

Lastly, the Giants will not respond to anything involving a victory parade at this point.  The Giants make goals, work hard to achieve their goals, and then after they achieve their goals, allow for a celebration.  Then, they go back to work to achieve their goals again.  That is the Giant way.  We are family right now on a journey. Focused on achieving the only goal that should be celebrated, we as fans don’t need outsiders trying to tell us what we should do to celebrate that goal if and when it is achieved. One last thing that the Governor’s office should remember…..After the parade down the “Canyon of Heroes” attended by millions after the last Super Bowl victory, and a stop at City Hall…what did the Giants do?  They went back to their stadium and held a rally. I’m sure if Governor Christie asks nicely enough, they will let him in the building.  I would think he would want to be cheered and not booed, so have that quiet conversation with the Giants, and I am sure they will work out all the details for you when the time is right.


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