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11. Kansas City Chiefs
Reilly Reiff, OT, Iowa:  I originally had Reilly going a bit higher, but he didn’t show well at the Combine and might have cost himself a top ten slot…..by one.  Iowa is showing itself to be an O-Line factory and this slot is deserving of it’s talents across the board.

12. Seattle Seahawks
Courtney Upshaw, OLB, Alabama: Pass rush, pass rush, pass rush. The Seahawks need some help at linebacker and this guy can play every down and make plays.  A great pick at 12.

13. Arizona Cardinals
David DeCastro, OG, Stanford: The Cardinals invested in a QB and can’t keep him from having to run for his life.  This is a pressing need for Arizona, and might have to be filled in free agency too.

14. Dallas Cowboys
Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama: The Cowboys found themselves without a running game at the end of last year.  Look for Jerry Jones to try and cure that problem right here.  They now should know Romo cannot carry them without help,  they have all the aerial weapons they need, now they need a true RB.

15. Philadelphia Eagles
Fletcher Cox, DE/DT Mississippi State: The Eagles traded for an inside linebacker and upgraded their biggest need before the draft.  They now can start building some depth in the middle since they seem intent on continuing to run the Wide-Nine defense that demands strength in the middle.

16. New York Jets
Melvin Ingram, DE/OLB, South Carolina: The Jets would do well to find a way to get pressure on the QB without sending 6 or 7 on every down.  Adding a true pass rusher will take the pressure off the back end and make Cromartie and Revis even better than they already are. But it’s the Jets, and they could do anything here.

17. Cincinnati Bengals (from Oakland)
Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor: Andy Dalton showed he just needs some time and some more weapons to be a very good QB in this league.  The Bengals need to get him some real speed and this is the guy for that. Putting this guy opposite A. J. Green will scare a few defenses.

18. San Diego Chargers
Peter Konz, Center, Wisconsin: The Chargers will keep trying to do it with Norv Turner, and therefore will keep trying to do it with offense. Hopefully Phillip Rivers and Konz can get some off-season work in to avoid any disasters later on in the season.  I don’t get the coaching decision, but look for the Chargers to be strong for half a season, but which half?

19. Chicago Bears
Michael Adams, OT, Ohio State: Anything to keep Jay Cutler upright and smiling is a good move.  With the retiring of Martz the Bears could look a lot different on the offensive side this year.  Getting any protection is not a bad idea for the Bears.

20. Tennessee Titans
Dre Kirkpatrick, CD, Alabama: The Titans will need to replace Finnegan by all accounts.  This pick gives them a high value guy with a load of talent, but a little bit of a character issue has emerged.  The Titans don’t usually mind that fact when the guy can play, especially on defense.

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