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NFC East Still Wide Open.

Yes the G-Men are the defending champs, but in the recent times of NFL parity, we no longer see the inevitable Steeler/Cowboy Super Bowl match up. This brings me to what I believe is the most unpredictable division; the NFC East. Last year everyone thought that the Eagles with their  free agency pick ups were sure to be division champs, if not Super Bowl contenders. The problem was with the shortened preseason due to the NFL lockout, the Eagles never had the opportunity to gel together and had to do so during the season. Let us all admit, when the Eagles did finally play as a team they were the scariest opponent in the NFL.

Now to the Cowboys, no doubt a very talented team on paper, but a team that has only won 1 playoff game in 15 years. The problem with the Cowboys is a lack of leadership and please do not try to make the argument that it is Tony Romo. The only leader of the Cowboys is Jerry Jones and it is never recommended that the owner is the face of the franchise. I have no doubt the Cowboys will be in the mix at the end of the season based on their talent level, but again lack of team leadership and Jerry Jones meddling will not result in a playoff win if they get that far.

Finally the Washington Redskins and RGIII. The Redskins beat the Giants twice last year with a strong defense and a good running game, but don’t expect RGIII to take this franchise to a winning record. Yes, he is good, but I don’t see him having a Cam Newton year and even if he does then a lot teams will get a fair share of interceptions. So how does it end? Roll the dice. The team that does scare me are the Eagles with a healthy Michael Vick. I do not see a wild card coming out of this division, just based on strength of schedule, so the G-Men should have only one goal other than winning the division and that is beating their division opponents to absolve any tie breaking scenarios.

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