GMenHQ Exclusive: From First Round Pick to Second Year Champ, My Chat with JPP

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JPP: There have been some rumors flying. Osi had a nice career here and he is a great teammate. I would love to have him back but above all this is a business and he’ll handle his business first. He knows what he wants. If my contract was up and I felt like I did a good job I would do the same thing he’s doing right now. It’s a game of business first, then you play the game of football.

 Cat: How do you feel your chances are at beating Kate Upton tonight?

JPP: Well, I don’t know… is she behind me?

 Cat: Nah, you’re in the clear.

JPP: She will probably kill me in ping pong, definitely the runway walk.

Cat: I’m sure you’ve got some moves to show off on the runway, we all heard about those backflips at the Combine.

 JPP: Nah, I might just trip on purpose.

Cat: What if I put a picture of Tom Brady at the end of the runway?

JPP: Oh then I got something for him, you know! Kate will kill me in ping pong, but don’t tell anybody I’m saying this.  I’ve never played before but I’ve been talking mad trash anyway. I have to go practice before we start.

 Cat: So ping pong isn’t one way you stay in shape in the offseason?

 JPP: No, definitely not.

Cat: Do you have an offseason routine?

JPP: I just relax. When you go through the course of playing 24 games of football including preseason you just want to relax. It takes a long time for the body to recover from that, especially after going all the way to the Super Bowl, but I will be ready for next year.

 Cat: What do you think about the 2012 schedule?

 JPP: Did you see the schedule? There are some hard teams. It’s even worse than last year but at least they come to us this time. The schedule is hectic but we have to play it – how about that opening game on Wednesday night?

 Cat: September 5th against the Cowboys, I’ll be there.

JPP: It’s going to be crazy. I am so excited for that game. With the Cowboys, that’s a great rivalry. I’ve got to play hard like I always do.

 Cat: What do you think is the most pressing need that the Giants need to address at the draft this weekend?

 JPP: Honestly, I just want somebody on the Giants that will play their heart out to help us get where we’ve got to go. Not somebody that is going to come in here and just be content that they’ve been drafted. We need people to come here and do their job, let’s get another championship.

Cat: Well here’s hoping I get to see you at another Super Bowl parade next year.  Thanks for your time, and good luck tonight!






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