Real Beasts of the East

I was recently shown a story from my editor and was frankly shocked as to the fortitude of this writer to publish such a story. It was called “Beast of the East” and published in the Dallas Cowboys “THE LANDRY HAT” by a writer identifying himself as flaportejr. First, he was factually inaccurate to such a degree that it was frankly incredulous that someone allowed it to be published. He based his stories on fan opinion, rather than fact, and he showed he had no sense of credibility as a analyist and was clearly just a FAN.

The object of the story was to compare position players of all the NFC East to see who the “Beast of the East” were in the Division by talent level. His conclusion Dallas far outweighed the Redskins but also the Eagles and the Super Bowl Champion Giants. Okay let us go to his first ridiculous statement in which he writes; “I have listed as a tie between Eli Manning and Tony Romo. Although in my opinion Romo is the better QB by far. Romo has a higher QB rating, completion percentage, and more TD’s per game then Manning. In fact without the luck of a David Tyree miracle helmet catch, a Wes Welker 2nd down Super Bowl bobble with 4 minutes left in the game, or a Miles Austin dropped wide open 50 yard game clinching TD pass, it isn’t even a debate.” Okay we all know that statement is just plain stupid but I am not going to respond as a fan, I will respond with what their NFL colleagues have stated. In NFL Networks Top 100 players, Romo was rated 91, Vick 71 and Manning 31. So according to their fellow NFL players Romo is not even close to a tie with Manning and in fact is closer to Vick, the better QB, at 71. Call us all when Romo wins more than one playoff game in 9 years. These statements by itself needs no commentary. Anyone reading it will know how foolish it is or did Romo win 2 Super Bowls and more than one playoff game when I fell in a deep sleep?

Now let us go to this writers erroneous facts. First off I hate comparisons this early in the season when we do not know players health or standing on the team. So first mistake I saw was this writer placing David Diehl as the Giants LT. In fact Diehl is slated as RT. Then this writer, out of god knows where, places Prince Amukamara as the Giants starting CB. Prince might not even be the Giants nickle corner this season. Just for this writers’ edification Terrell Thomas and Corey Webster are the Giants starting CBs. You might remember Webster, the number one Corner for the Giants last year and the starting CB for the Giants the last 3 years. I know I am concentrating on the Giants and ignoring the Eagles and Redskins but this writer should be comparing his Cowboys to the Super Bowl Champs with some type of knowledge. Okay next mistake he places Chase Blackburn as starting MLB for Giants when in fact both Tom Coughlin and Jerry Reese have said that is a open position and Michael Boley may start there. There are more factual mistakes concerning the Giants, Eagles and Redskins but I do not have the stomach to get into it and do not want to write a 2 page article.

I will not rate which team has the better players at each position because it is quite frankly stupid. We do not know where these players will be at the end of Training Camp, who the surprises will be and the changes in line ups. I will tell this writer the next time you present an article like this; tell the reader this is written from the heart of a Cowboy fan and not as a analyst. To show you the difference I am a big Giants fan but judging pure talent I think the Eagles easily take that crown but it is about winning which by the way Romo has a lot to learn even this late in his career.

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