Giants to be Featured in Tailgate32

This fall, a small crew will take on the challenge of pulling off the ultimate NFL

football fan road trip. It’s called Tailgate32, a 25,000 mile, cross country football

odyssey in an RV. The team will host a tailgate at a home game for all 32 NFL teams

during the 17 week regular season before powering on to the playoffs and Super

Bowl XLVII. Yeah, it sounds a little crazy but the leaders of the tour–brothers John

and Mike Trupiano–are ready for the challenge.

The goal is to capture the essence of American tailgating. Mike explains it as

“Anthony Bourdain meets football fan culture.” A film crew will be along for the ride

so that digital video episodes–available online–can be released following each

game, often from the road. In addition to hanging at the tailgates, Mike and John will

be hitting up fans on Facebook and Twitter throughout the journey. The most

passionate fans and tailgaters, along with unique characters, will be the centerpieces

of Tailgate32 stories.

These guys want to know how you, the fans, tailgate on NFL game day. Tell them

what food to grill, the beers you drink, which lots to hit or the bars they should

frequent before and after the game! Head to the website, like

them on Facebook ( and follow them on Twitter

(@tailgate_32) to take part in the conversation.

But don’t just tell them how New York does it. Tailgate32 will be at the Giants season

opener on Wednesday, September 5th. Wear your Giants blue, find them in parking

lot and show this crew how tailgating is done in this town. You can also hit Giants

away games with Tailgate32 on September 20th in Carolina and December 3rd in


Check the full schedule below or on the website.

The Tailgate32 Tour

Sept 5 – New York Giants

Sept 9 – Cleveland

Sept 10 – Baltimore

Sept 13 – Green Bay

Sept 16 – Jacksonville

Sept 17 – Atlanta

Sept 20 – New York Giants @ Carolina

Sept 23 – Miami

Sept 30 – Houston

Oct 1 – Dallas

Oct 4 – St. Louis

Oct 7 – Kansas City

Oct 11 – Tennessee

Oct 14 – Arizona

Oct 15 – San Diego

Oct 18 – San Francisco

Oct 21 – Oakland

Oct 25 – Minnesota

Oct 28 – Denver

Nov 4 – Seattle

Nov 12 – Pittsburgh

Nov 15 – Buffalo

Nov 18 – New England

Nov 22 – Detroit

Nov 25 – Cincinnati

Nov 26 – Philadelphia

Dec 2 – New York Jets

Dec 3 – New York Giants @ Washington

Dec 9 – Indianapolis

Dec 16 – Chicago

Dec 23 – Tampa Bay

Dec 30 – New Orleans

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