May 22, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants tight end Brandon Myers (83) catches a pass during the New York Giants organized team activities at the Giants Timex Performance Center. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

Getting to Know Tight End Brandon Myers

The Giants have a new Tight End this year as a result of the Chicago Bears overpaying Martellus Bennett in Free Agency.  The Giants signed Brandon Myers from the Oakland Raiders.  Here’s a quick interview from


Q: How are you finding the offense so far?
A: It’s complex but it’s good once you start to get things down, get on the same page, like I said, learn all the calls, but it’s been good.  Like I said, we’re out here practicing every day and trying to get the little things down.

Q: You came here with 80 some-odd catches last season. A lot of us didn’t know about you because of east coast, west coast.  Are you a guy who’s a seam guy?
A: It was just our offense last year, we ran a lot of west coast offense, a lot of in the middle trying to find the holes in the zone, that’s what they asked me to do.  This year Coach Pope obviously said ‘more in the seam,’ stuff like that, ‘down the field’ so whatever they ask me to do that’s what I’ll do.

Q: I mean a tight end is also known as a blocker, how are you-
A: Yeah, obviously that’s something that I try to work on every day, trying to be an  every down tight end.  You know, I’m going against some bigger guys as a lot of tight ends are, just trying to work on that, like I said, so I can stay on the field.

Q: Eli for years has come in here and he didn’t know who his pass catching tight end was going to be. Has he said ‘wow, I’m glad I’ve got somebody who I know can catch the ball?’
A: You’ll have to ask him about that. I’m not sure

Q: What’s it been like to work with Eli, what do you like about him as a quarterback?
A: It’s been great.  He’s a proven winner, he has great command of the offense.  Any time you can do what you’re supposed to do and be in the right position and be on the same page as Eli, he’s going to find you.  He’s great about that, so it’s been good.

Q: You’ve played four years and you haven’t gotten to the playoffs yet, does this feel like your best shot to do it?
A: Absolutely.  Get an opportunity to win some games, play in the playoffs, maybe go a little further or whatever, but I’m excited.  We’ve got an organization from top to bottom, the guys in the locker room are being great, so that’s what everybody’s goal is, which is nice.

Q: Can you tell a difference going from one organization to another? This is a more traditional, winning organization than the Raiders?
A: Yes, definitely.

Q: When you’re good at one thing, then they always talk about ‘well, maybe he’s not good at the other thing,’ so like you say, you’ve caught all those balls, do you think you’re solid as a blocker, too?  Do you think you can do all the other things you need to do as tight end?
A: Definitely.  It will be important to stay healthy this year and Coach Pope is the best in the business, or one of the best, so he’s been teaching me a few different things that maybe I haven’t had in the past.  The key is to go out there every day and just kind of take what he tells you and the technique and the line and stuff like that to work on what he’s been teaching us.

Q: Do you think you can improve in that regard as a blocker?
A: I think, yeah.  Blocking, all aspects of the game, you know.  If you’re not going out there and improving every day, then you’re not really doing your job as a professional.

Q: The offense already has Cruz and Hakeem… Rueben seems like he’s emerging a little bit… do you worry at all, or wonder at all, if there will be enough catches?
A: Not at all.  That’s not my style, really.  Like you said, win some ball games, make the playoffs. That’s really all that matters to me.

Q: What’s the biggest adjustment coming from the west coast to the east coast? Have you found a place to live and all that kind of stuff?
A: Yeah it was challenging at first, it’s not the easiest.  Luckily my parents drove all my stuff out here from the west coast.  It was difficult, but once we got here, we found a place to live, it’s been an easy transition.

Q: What’d you think of Eli’s video?

A: Oh, it was pretty good.  Yeah, it was good.

Q: What are you guys hoping to accomplish the first preseason game?
A: To be successful and move the ball on offense.  We’ve been working out here for a few weeks or whatever… just the little things, obviously things are going to intensify as we go.  Just move the ball, put some points on the board, and just grow with each other.  You can practice all you want but once you get out there in the game, it’s a little different, which will be good for us, especially for me, being my first year here.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to ask the question here as some of them are a bit silly, but the Giants are excited about the production of a player coming from a team with virtually no QB.  Adding Eli to any receivers resume is sure to make him look good, and we all know Eli throws to the open man, and not by design or who is friends are on the team (ala Tony Romo).

Myers is 6’3″ 256 and is in his 6th year out of Iowa.  he jhad 79 catches for 806 yards and 4TD’s for the Raiders last season.

Welcome Brandon!

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