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New York Giants set to acquire Jon Beason, physical pending

The Giants have acquired middle linebacker Jon Beason from the Panthers for a “late-round” draft pick. As Ozzy Osbourne would say, this is a “shot in the dark” by the Giants, a team that never spends a dime on prime linebacker talent. Retreads and depth chart climbers usually comprise our corps. On the bright side, there is limited inherent risk to bringing Beason in. This is the final year on his restructured contract, a restructuring that saw the former Miami Hurricane relinquish three years off his 2011 deal and agree to a $4.25 million pay cut from his $5.25 million yearly salary.

Despite having not played a defensive snap since week two, the 28-year old Beason is a potentially (with a capital P) sizeable upgrade over current MLB Spencer Paysinger. Paysinger plays his tail off, but his talent level suggests he should be working primarily on special teams.  In fact, the entire Giants linebacker core is hardly NFL caliber.

Beason has battled debilitating injury problems during the past three seasons, from a torn Achilles in 2011 to knee and shoulder issues forcing him onto the IR in 2012. According to reports he is apparently still playing through pain on his surgically repaired knee. He lost the battle for weak side linebacker PT to former Giants hero Chase Blackburn, so playing well below standard would seem to be the logical assessment.

A peek into Beason’s recent performance is discouraging to say the least. He’s been targeted eight times in 31 coverage snaps, with all eight passes resulting in a completion. Furthermore, those eight completions have gone for 150 yards (long of 45) with 118 yards coming after the catch. He’s recorded seven solo tackles on 62 total snaps.

For all intents and purposes it appears his 100-tackle campaigns are a thing of the past. If he passes his physical today, we will soon find out on the gridiron.

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  • James

    Another typical Jerry Reese trying to find gold in the trash heap when it comes to linebackers. Just like Aaron Curry, Keith Rivers, and Keith Bulluck before him this will be another failure and a waste of a draft pick. I believe Beason has had 43 tackles over the past three seasons combined and has only played in 8 games. He’s coming off microfracture knee surgery (we all know how Kenny Phillips looked after that) and he just lost his job to Chase Blackburn. Sure, it might be low risk, but I am sick of Reese trying to band-aid a big issue on this defense and throwing good draft picks at lost causes. At some point Reese and the Giants will have to try and acquire a legitimate, non-hobbled, non-bust of a linebacker.

  • Taylor Kazlauskas

    Agree with what you are saying James, the issue is how they would get these linebackers. Are you going to trade away better picks and players for a better linebacker? Free agency? The Giants have barely any cap room to play with (around 1.3M). Beason’s contract is void after this season anyway. What they SHOULD have done is drafted a linebacker early in this years draft, for example, Ogletree out of Georgia, now on the Rams. The Giants just have too many holes to fill, and not enough money to do it.

    • Adam Ganeles

      It’s hard to argue with a roster philosophy that’s won 2 Super Bowls. But there is no denying that the Giants have ignored LB to further feed their D-line for some time now.. not a recent development.