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Twittereaction: Kevin Gilbride “likely” to be fired

For a large contingent of Giant fans offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride had become the bane of their existence. He’s been renowned for calling an at times backwards game that lacked modern era creativity or versatility — and marked by an outright refusal to stray from his play calling comfort zone during a seven-year stint. A stint which (by the way) includes two Super Bowl rings. Alas, there is also a smaller circle of the fanbase that believes Gilbride is being scapegoated, taking the heat for an incompetent offensive line and a rapidly regressing quarterback. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but there’s little doubt that transition to new offensive concepts is necessary. This does not mean bringing back Mike Sullivan.



Does Gilbride deserve the axe? Tell us how you feel in the comments section. 

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  • Joseph Bulger

    Gilbride’s offense didn’t perform, and that’s on him and his staff. He had a season to show signs he was fixing it, but if he did try, it’s difficult to discern how the offense improved as a result. Fewell on the other hand listened to his players, who had tweaks to improve their play, and by all accounts he adopted those changes and the defense improved to top 10 in the league. Fewell has learned this season, and we have every reason to believe his defense will play as good or better in 2014 (providing JR signs Jon Beason, Tuck, McBride, Stevie Brown, and brings in a solid WILL (Rivers amazingly didn’t miss a game this season, but he’s not the answer) and top shelf CB to play opposite Prince). With a few players, Fewell’s defense will be fine. That’s unfortunately not the case for Gilbride’s offense. Who would argue that Gilbride has learned anything this season that would result in changes as we’ve witnessed with Fewell?

    As Mr. Mara stated, the offense is broken. Agree wholeheartedly the broken emanates from the O-line, and while Gilbride can’t be faulted for JR’s lack of aggressiveness in providing adequate talent, the slow implementation of adjustments is on Gilbride. What’s also on Gilbride is the failure of nepotism, with Gilbride Jr. failing as WR coach, and Sean Ryan failing as QB coach. Gilbride Sr. failed to establish a QB coach benchmark against which all candidates would be judged. Instead, he made room for his son to coach WRs, and thereby provided Eli with a QB coach who has no real business being a QB coach. Ok, so WR coach promotion to QB coach worked before… rolled the dice and didn’t come up craps. Doesn’t mean those dice never roll craps… Victor Cruz and Ruben Randle both stated the WRs have lost connection with Eli. Gilbride Jr. is craps.

    Gilbride Sr. had a responsibility to the Giants and to Coughlin to establish a QB coach benchmark like Tom Clements in Green Bay, who tutored Aaron Rogers, coached Bret Favre down from 29 INTs to 18 the following season, was QB coach with Steelers and Saints, was 2 time CFL champion QB, and All-American QB at Notre Dame. How does Sean Ryan stack up against that benchmark? No comparison. But Gilbride Sr. couldn’t do that, because then Sean Ryan would remain WR coach, and Gilbride Jr. wouldn’t get to be WR coach.

    Gilbride’s staffing decisions were not in the best interest of the team, were disloyal to Tom Coughlin, and those decisions had an adverse affect on the offense’s performance. Gilbride needs to go, and take his son with him.