May 4, 2014; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning watch the game between the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

QB Battles: Eli Manning vs Peyton Manning vs Andrew Luck

Quarterback Battle Time

Today is the day… look at that above picture. Eli is great. He can make a baseball levitate just by making the shape of a football around it. Impressive skills. That picture also contains Peyton Manning, whom was replaced in Indianapolis by Andrew Luck, the next big name in Quarterbacking. But is the name “Andrew Luck” MANNING big? Let’s find out. It’s time for QB Battles:

The Manning brothers have combined for five Super Bowl appearances, with Eli Manning hoisting two MVP trophies himself, see here’s one:

Eli Manning

Credit: NFL Game Rewind (Super Bowl XLVI)

Ahhh, Super Bowls. Andrew Luck doesn’t have any, Peyton Manning can’t seem to win them anymore; Indy tired of that, as they kicked him to the curb… but perhaps that was just Jim Irsay being drunk. Is he drunk, or is Andrew Luck really that talented? Sure, he gave the Kansas City Chiefs the worst comeback beating in playoff history just months ago… but then he stood firmly in Peyton’s shadow and took a nap, dreaming up early playoff exits and making them a reality. Yet the potential is there.

Last season, Eli Manning didn’t have the most stellar campaign. He threw 27,874 INT’s and his team finished 7-9, but he didn’t blow the playoffs or Super Bowl because he’s clearly already got two rings and wanted to see if the other two had what it takes. Obviously, they do not.

Here’s what Eli Manning has — Super Bowl touchdowns:

Eli Manning

Credit: NFL Game Rewind (Super Bowl XLVI)

Here’s what Peyton Manning has — Super Bowl letdowns:

Peyton Manning

Credit: NFL Game Rewind (Super Bowl XLIV)


Here’s what Andrew Luck has — Super Bowl crickets:

Andrew Luck

Credit: NFL Game Rewind (Divisional Round, 2014)

“Someday son, until then this is Eli’s NFL” ~ Giants Nation

The GIANT gauntlet is down. Let this resemble an invitation to BATTLE for the editor’s at Naptown’s Finest and Predominantly Orange. Your team QB’s have less Super Bowl wins,  but more PRESS — Why? Why, when they don’t possess Eli’s clutch ability. Perhaps it’s because when people think Eli Manning, they think of the weird facial expression, the baffled looks and clumsy mistakes that get highlighted online while overlooking the WIN.

My Co-Editor @Adam Ganeles had this to say when asked what is misunderstood about Eli Manning in mainstream football news:

The thing is, the goofy faces being continuously featured don’t have an effect on winning football games. The fact is Eli is different, but he has talent. Yet everything about the other Manning gets scrutinized to the 9th degree. A reality’ that only looks at results will find Eli Manning emotionless in the crunch, which makes him a winner. Consistently. In the end, fantasy stats are great, but Super Bowl trophies are even better.

Who’s the better QB–In terms: Past, Present and Future Potential?

  1. Eli Manning*
  2. Peyton Manning
  3. Andrew Luck

(*Also doubles as Super Bowl win total leader list*)

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