2004 NFL Draft: New York Giants Review

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NFL Draft

NFL Draft look back

Welcome to the New York Giants NFL Draft review. Our GMENHQ staff will be looking at the last ten years of Jints drafting and we’ll be posting our findings in this series.

Today, we’ll be starting with the 2004 NFL Draft. A mere decade ago.

Why 2004?

Well for one, it was ten years ago that Giants drafted Chris Snee, who recently retired from the National Football League, so it seemed a good time to take a GIANT look back. And coincidentally, that’s also the year team leader and two time Super Bowl winning champion quarterback Eli Manning was drafted. Not by the New York Giants mind you… no, Eli Manning was drafted by the San Diego Chargers. But any New York Giant fan worth their salt knows that. What you may not be able to recite is the rest of that draft. Let’s take a look at the 2004 NFL Draft.

14NYGPhilip RiversQB10132North Carolina St.
234NYGChris SneeG10141Boston Col.
497NYGReggie TorborLB8104Auburn
5136NYGGibril WilsonDB7100Tennessee
6168NYGJamaar TaylorWR213Texas A&M
7203NYGDrew StrojnyTDuke
7235NYGDerrick WardRB893
7253NYGIsaac HiltonDEHampton

Obviously the 2004 NFL Draft was good to the New York Giants. Eli Manning and Chris Snee became foundations of the offensive unit for the next decade.  Follow us as we take you back through the draft ten years ago, beginning with how the Giants ended up with Eli Manning.

Let’s go.

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