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2004 NFL Draft: New York Giants Review

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NFL Draft

Eli vs Philip

Eli Manning – QB – Mississippi – Drafted Number One Overall – Team – San Diego Chargers

Philip Rivers – QB – North Carolina State – Drafted Number Four Overall – Team – New York Giants

Jints fans, this is how it reads in the record books. Before Eli Manning won two Super Bowls and Philip Rivers won… well, Philip Rivers hasn’t won anything. We’ve heard he can take Manti Te’o‘s girlfriend in the boardgame: Sorry. So, that’s good.

Seriously Giants Nation, Eli Manning is on your team because he didn’t want to go to San Diego. The Giants didn’t care… they saw a QB that could win, a certifiable Manning blood QB. They moved fast. The details of the trade were mentioned as soon as Eli was picked. This was the Giants guy. Eli Manning didn’t want to be a Charger. Archie Manning didn’t want Eli to be a Charger. This notion has been beaten into the ground, but it’s important because the Giants knew all this information. They knew that Eli Manning wanted to be a Giant and they gave up a boatload to acquire his services.

When the Giants were on the clock at number four overall, they struck a deal. They offered the San Diego Chargers this trade:

Giants received 
Rights to 2004 1st Overall Pick – Used to sign quarterback Eli Manning. 

Chargers received 
Rights to 2004 4th Overall Pick – Used to sign Quarterback Philip Rivers. 
2005 1st Round Draft Pick – Used to draft and sign Linebacker Shawne Merriman
2004 3rd Round Draft Pick – Used to draft and sign Kicker Nate Kaeding
2005 5th Round Draft Pick – Traded to Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Left Tackle Roman Oben

In hindsight, the Giants won this trade. It’s been a quaint deal for the Chargers, and unless they start winning Super Bowls with Rivers, it’s not even close. Early on it seemed like the Chargers had a stud with Shawne Merriman. However, Merriman is out of the NFL and he never helped push SD past the Conference Championship Game.

Nate Kaeding has been a great kicker in the regular season. In the post season, Nate Kaeding is great… on extra points, never missed one. That said, field goals are a different story. Nate Kaeding has lined up for 15 field goals in the playoffs, and he’s hit just 8 of them. Nate Kaeding hurts this argument for the Chargers. If the Giants had drafted Nate Kaeding, they might not have two Super Bowls.

Roman Oben is Roman Oben… that is a fact. A fact that doesn’t make this a good trade for the Chargers.

Eli Manning is a winner. As a Giant, he’s won 85 NFL regular season games and thrown 229 TD’s. But truth be told, those stats don’t even matter. Eli Manning has won the New York Giants two Super Bowls against Boston teams. That matters. Eli Manning will go down as one of the greatest QB’s or athletes the big apple has ever watched eclipse greatness. Other names are more suitable to fame than Eli Manning. However, the QB is 8-3 in the playoffs and he has more rings than his super star big brother.

What more can you ask for in Big Blue Nation?

What about the rest of this draft? Well, let’s go.

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