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Will the New York Giants Make The Playoffs?

At GMEN HQ, we want to know, will the New York Giants make the Playoffs?

Those odds are from Bovada.

We can speculate, we can predict, but we can’t tell you definitely yes or no. Unless of course we falsely proclaim: the Giants will make the playoffs. Definitely, the Giants will make the playoffs. You know, Giants Nation, the Jints are a lock for the playoffs…

No matter the words, you still can’t definitively believe it, because it hasn’t happened yet. Enter YouTube and New York Giants Fans like BoSoxNation2012 (who somehow is a Red Sox fan and a Giants fan). While we don’t claim to know the inner-workings of that jazz, we do know BoSox released a Giants season preview on YouTube. Check it out:

Now instantly for Giants Nation, it’s easy to hate this kid. First, he says the Giants won’t make the playoffs, second, he does so while being male, having blond highlights and being a Red Sox fan. So automatically, credibility goes right out the window for many. Kidding, relax PC police.

At GMEN HQ, we respect fan passion, and in that aspect, it’s not a bad preview… and you have to give the kid credit for knowing his team. Obviously, this is just another Giants fan worried about the offense for better or worse. In this instance, you can give him credit for studying and knowing the Giants are installing the West Coast Offense and that they have a brand new coordinator. That makes a big difference in the NFL, you can tell BoSox is looking at the Giants with a level head and isn’t being a homer. It’s a good view if you don’t mind watching a kid trying to pay his dues in Sports Media.

As for his assessment, he’s correct in implying the first series of games of the season are everything for the Giants. The organization had five preseason games to install Ben McAdoo’s system, and while the system admittedly takes awhile to get down the timing and build chemistry, the Giants can’t afford to have a slow start like last season.  Once upon a time, a game against the Lions was laughable, but Calvin Johnson in now the undisputed King of Receivers and Detroit offers a tough challenge for the Jints.

If they come out in any of these games playing like the preseason, they’ll lose. It will take more than that to vanquish a vengeful Detroit. However, this team did have some positives in the preseason. You have to remember that while the scheme wasn’t working with the starters, it was still the same scheme all game. The coaches had to get use to the system as well, tell the players where to be, how their timing was off. Eli Manning had to learn brand new footwork, code names, schemes, routes, how to read a defense… literally everything is different.

Nevertheless, that’s no excuse Giants Nation. Eli has to get it together. As BoSox suggested the first team looked like garbage. But keep in mind, it gave the coaches something to evaluate. The discouraging thing was that the first team didn’t improve throughout the preseason, but even if they looked Super Bowl ready, they still have to find away to stop Megatron next Monday Night.

Fans like BoSox seem to think the New York Giants will have a garbage season, and that they won’t make the playoffs because the learning curve of the West Coast Offense is too steep. That’s reasonable, but if there’s any time to have hope in your team it’s in September. Everyone understands what Septembers means in New York. For now, it might be time to stretch your imagination and hope just for a little bit.

Sure, the reality may be the Giants aren’t ready. Septembers naysayers may say nay to playoffs, but at least let the first game happen before you allow the GIANT funk to begin.

Giants Nation, what if they WIN on Monday Night Football? What if the offense scores 30+ points?

You’ll know in just a few days, football is back.

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