Live Game Blog: Week 14 @ Philadelphia


The Giants (8-4) come into the game +3 against the Eagles (5-7).  Strange line, but seeing that Philly is home and have both McNabb and Westbrook playing in the same game against the G-Men, I guess it it reasonable. The Giants need this game to all but clinch a playoff berth, but the Eagles need this game in order to keep their season alive.

Going to school in Boston, Giants telecasts are not an automatic, but for the first 13 weeks of the season, every single Giant game has been televised on FOX up here. But, not today, so as I sit here and watch Joe Buck and Troy Aikman call the Dallas/Detroit game with the sound off on the televison, the NFL has the very handy Field Pass, which provides audio from either the home or away team feed, in my case WFAN’s call of the game.

Giants get the ball back with 1:40 left in the 2nd, trailing 7-3 with a chance to take the lead and start the 2nd half with the ball. All of this made possible due to another huge defensive stop of the Eagles improved offense.

Plax comes up with few nice catches as Eli realizes the blitz and adjusts to the pressure of the PHI defense. Tynes comes on to kick a 23-yard chip shot (not that anything is really a chip shot for him) with :05 left. Giants trail 7-6 going into half.

The chances at taking the lead for the first time in the game are shattered as Jacobs fumbles the ball, and the G-Men lose the challenge on the play. It would be an enormous victory to come out of this down 10-6.

An awful drive for the Giants there going 3 and out. Two incomplete passes and a loss of 3 on a run. Jacobs has 13 carries and 16 yards on the day. Maybe it is time the offense goes with a different game plan.

The Giants had a “New York Giants” moment when Toomer fumbled, but luckily he was down by contact. Eli to Plax for a 20-yard TD and the Giants take a 13-10 lead.

Disappointing drive by the G-Men there. They could have put the Eagles in a big hole with only a little over a quarter to play. Plax is having one great game after a series of weeks without much due to the ankle and knee injuries. The Giants need to turn this into a two-possession game quickly.

There is the Giants team we all know. Taking an offsides penalty with the Eagles 3rd and 2 on the Giants 28.

“The Giants never make it easy” – Bob Papa right before commercial break. Papa hit it right on the head as Jacobs fumbled for the second time today, this time at the PHI 2. Plaxico is giving the Giants all they need and Jacobs is coming up short in his effort today. Yet again, the Giants defense is called upon to save the offense.

UPDATE, 3:56 pm
Here comes the play of the game at the 2 minute warning. Eagles 4th and 6 on the Giants 44. A stop here would seal the win for any other team, but you have to believe the final 120 seconds of this game will be interesting.

Well looks like I was right with the interesting finish. The Giants can’t get the first down they need coming one yard shy and then the Eagles hit the upright on a game-tying 57-yard field goal. What a game in Philly, basically putting the Giants in the playoffs, and pushing the Eagles out of any contention. Post game coverage to come.