Magic Number: 1


1 win.

Just 60 solid minutes of football out of the next three weeks and the Giants are in the playoffs for the third straight season. I would like to think they can clinch against either Washington or Buffalo, but nothing would surprise me if the G-Men pushed themselves to the playoff bubble and had to beat the Patriots. Anyone who knows anything about the Giants franchise would say that this scenario is not impossible.

But, seriously the Giants will win one if not both of their next two games and then can give a much needed rest to their beat up starters before their trip to what looks like Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay is a better team than their 8-5 record indicates and we all know Jeff Garcia seems to have a knack for beating the Giants in the playoffs (when he was a member of both San Francisco and Philaelphia) and now Big Blue might see him in Round 1 again, this time as a Buc.