The Great Tom Coughlin Debate


Sometimes I think he knows what he’s doing, other times I am not so sure. But in a few weeks the job status of Tom Coughlin is going to be questioned once again depending on the Giants success or failure in the playoffs.

After being given a contract extension following the first round loss to Philadelphia last season, the Giants have put together a 9-4 season to date and can achieve their first 12-win season since 2000, if they win out in the final three weeks (WSH, BUF, NE).

Here is what Coughlin has done in his four seasons with the Giants:

No playoffs

Lost to CAR in first round, 20-0

Lost to PHI in first round, 23-20


Coughlin has compiled a 34-27 record in New York, but it is the 0-2 playoff record everyone knows about. As of right now, the Giants would draw Tampa Bay in the first round, a game the Giants would most likely be favored in.

The critics will say that Coughlin is no disciplinarian and that his coaching tactics are humorous, but if the Giants can make it to the second round or even the NFC Championship, you can be assured he will find himself with the organization in 2008. There could be a light at the end of the tunnel for Coughlin here in year four, but before he gets to it, the Buccaneers, Vikings, Seahawks, Packers, and Cowboys stand in the way.