Question to Sinorice Moss


I had a chance to participate in the live chat with Sinorice Moss on Here is the question I had chosen:

NK:  What is going to be the key for the Giants this season to get over the first round hump in the postseason?

Sinorice:  The key for us is to finish. To keep driving hard and keep doing what we have to do. We practice hard and work to win football games and if we get to the first round of playoffs we just have to finish.

Sinorice hit it right on the head. The Giants have three weeks to figure out how to put away their opponents and they need to make one possession games two possession games and two possessions into three and so on. Also, not turning over the ball late in the game or with incredible field position would help as well.

Notice how Sinorice said “if we get to the first round of playoffs.” The Giants can still miss out on the postseason, but one win in the last three guarantess them a spot. Hopefully they get that one win this Sunday.