Live Game Blog: Week 15 vs Washington


Here we are with the opening kickoff about to take place after a week of hype for this game. 27-13 Giants is still my prediction. A win and they’re in.

The Giants went away from the running game on the opening drive and tried for the big play on 3rd and 10. Eli did his best to scare the crap out of Giants Stadium on the first play of the game which was almost picked off. Not sure if throwing a bomb to Plaxico on 3rd and long was the best idea there even if he did almost catch it.

Where have we seen this before: the Giants defense shutting down the opposition over and over while the offense fails to score. Maybe the third time is a charm and the G-Men can find the scoreboard on their third drive of the game.

That is what happens when you can’t convert on 3rd downs or 4th and 1’s or decide to NOT go for it on 4th and INCHES. The Redskins get excellent field position and make the best of it putting a three spot on the board. Not to mention the fumble by Eli that the defense had to save him on. 3-0 Washington and the offense is looking awful.

End of the 1st and the Giants trail 3-0, which to anyone watching this game is no surprise. The defense has been outstanding, while the offense has been embarrassing. 40 minutes left to resolve the offense or the clinching can wait.

You can’t make this stuff up. Eli Manning is 3 of 14, but the Giants have 5 dropped passes. That’s 5 dropped passes. Most of which would have been for first downs. The Redskins have the ball again as the G-Men continue to beat themselves. Washington leads 6-0.

The punt takes a Washington bounce (or 78 bounces) and stops just shy of the Giants endzone. Then, Sinorice Moss makes the play of the game for the Redskins as he runs backwards and away from the first down he had just gotten. Something has to go right for the G-Men eventually.

Dockery gets beat on a pass to Santana Moss to the NYG 15 and Ladell Betts runs the ball in as if there were no defenders on the field. The Giants are very close to putting themselves out of reach of the Redskins.

UPDATE, 10:01 PM
Giants catch a ridiculously lucky break as Washington takes a taunting penalty on what would have been 4th and 1. G-Men put a FG on the board and trail 13-3. Need to hold the Redskins here as Washington gets the ball to start the 2nd half.

If you hadn’t checked the standings before the game, you wouldn’t think the Giants were the 9-4 team in this game.

Aside from the Minnesota game, that was the ugliest half of football I have seen from the Giants all season long and it starts with the five dropped passes, most of which were first downs. Eli has not played as bad as the stats would show someone looking at a boxscore sonce his receivers have not helped him out at all.

At some point Tom Coughlin has to go for it on 4th and 1 or 4th and INCHES. I understand their first 4th and 1 attempt of the game didn’t convert, but I don’t see the logic in thinking that Washington will now stop every 4th and 1 because of what occured on the first try.

I can’t say enough about the defense as they have kept this team in the game even down 16-3 at halftime. Take away the Betts play and the Portis rush at the end of the half and they have been as good as ever.

Todd Collins is getting his first start in 10 season and he is 30 minutes away from winning it, if the Giants offense doesn’t wake up soon.

Calling for a bomb to Plaxico on 3rd and 1 with 1:51 left in the half is not exactly what I would have chosen, but the Giants got lucky with the stupidity of the Washington defense taking an unsportsmanlike penalty after the whistle.

John Madden has made some excellent points. Once the Giants got Plaxico involved they started driving down the field thanks to the penalty for taunting and a nice catch by Plax as well. Also, the draw plays on the run for Washington are fooling the New York defense to the point that it looks they have never seen a draw before. Stopping Portis in the 2nd half is essential to a Giant comeback.

The Giants were booed as they left the field for halftime and rightfully so. They owe the fans and themselves a much better showing in the 2nd half.

My prediction of 27-13 Giants is now done with Washington scoring 16, but I still believe given the 2nd half heroics of Eli and what the Giants did at Washington in Week 3 that the G-Men will pull this one out.

UPDATE, 10:36 PM
Pretty awful attempt at trying to come back in this game. Giving up a touchdown on the opening drive of the 2nd half and then not producing any points on the Giants first drive of the half is a good way to lose a game. Down 22-3, a TD is needed ASAP.

UPDATE, 10:46 PM
Kevin Moss gets his first NFL TD and all of a sudden the Giants only trail by 12. A three and out here to get the offense back on the field would keep the momentum going for the G-Men.

UPDATE, 10:56 PM
End of the 3rd quarter and the Giants are down 22-10. What is wrong with Sinorice Moss as he circles again to take away a first down he had achieved. Amani Toomer has to catch that ball there. If he does, the Giants are well into Washington territory. Still can’t see this one ending with the Redskins on top.

UPDATE, 11:04 PM
Eli tried for the endzone twice with Plaxico, both times unsuccessful. Lawrence Tynes comes in and does his usual, missing a 38 yarder. Waste of a big stop by the defense and a long drive.

UPDATE, 11:07 PM
Jeremy Shockey left the game with a broken fibula and will have surgery. What a night so far for the Giants.

UPDATE, 11:21 PM
Just ugly. Had Tynes hit the FG before and it was 22-13 they could have gone for 3 there. But with the inconsistencies of Tynes there is no way he would have made it anyways. A stop and two quick TDs or this one is over.

UPDATE, 11:35 PM
That’ll do it. The Giants are in some trouble. Post game to come.