Pregame Report


New England Patriots (15-0) at New York Giants (10-5)
8:00, NFL Network, CBS, FOX

Tom Coughlin knows this doesn’t matter much for the Giants, though I am sure like everyone else he wants to prevent history from happening against his team. However, next week’s playoff game could decide Coughlin’s future as the coach of the New York Giants and for that matter, his career.

Playing the starters for a short amount of time is what should and most likely will be done, unless for that matter the game is winnable a good chunk of the way through the 60 minutes.

The Patriots are relentless and will run up the score if given the chance, so playing the backups and their backups could produce a very ugly score very quickly once the Giants remove the starters.

The Giants can win this game, though it is not necessary to win or likely they will, but there is still the chance. I mean the Eagles had the game in the bag with their backup QB playing as did the Ravens had it not been for an umtimely timeout.

Prediction: Patriots 34, Giants 21