Postseason Predictions


After a busy and hectic week, the blog is back and in full effect as the G-Men prepare for Wild Card round this weekend.

Can a loss really be your best performance of the season? Usually, I would have to say no, but in Week 17’s case, I think the Giants played their best football of the season as they played New England harder than any other team had the entire season.

If the Giants can maintain that same level of play they will have no problem rolling over the NFC competition and could face New England once again on the big stage in Arizona. However, I still believe that the Patriots will fall to the Colts in the AFC Championship.

The Giants injuries are not as bad as most originally though last Saturday night as the injured starters are practicing and the Giants will field the same team on Sunday they did in Week 17.

Eli Manning has been good, he bas been ok, he has been awful. But, last Saturday he was great and showed just how high his ceiling of potential is if he can ever put everything together. Not only did he look like he finally belonged in the same sentence as the elite QBs of the NFL (Peyton, Brady, Favre), but he picked apart the Patriots defense the way his brother has done in recent seasons.

Everyone has their opinion on whether it will be Dallas or Green Bay in the Super Bowl in a few weeks, but now the G-Men are finally getting the respect they deserve and are very much a contender in what I see to be a wide open year in the NFC playoffs. Here is how the playoffs will go down this season:

NFC Wild Card
(3) SEA defeats (6) WAS
(5) NYG defeats (4) TB

AFC Wild Card
(3) SD defeats (6) TEN
(5) JAC defeats (4) PIT

NFC Divisional Playoff
(5) NYG defeats (1) Dallas
(2) GB defeats (3) SEA

AFC Divisional Playoff
(1) NE defeats (5) JAC
(2) IND defeats (3) SD

NFC Championship
(5) NYG defeats (2) GB

AFC Championship
(2) IND defeats (1) NE

Super Bowl
IND defeats NYG

Ok, so maybe the Giants don’t do what it says here, but they very well could if they put it together and play off their game last week. Even if the NFC doesn’t play out how I have it here, here are some predictions that will happen this postseason.

The Dallas Cowboys WILL NOT represent the NFC in the Super Bowl and will be lucky to get out of the divisional game.

The New England Patriots WILL NOT finish off their perfect season, leaving it at 17-0, failing to win the AFC Championship game or the Super Bowl.

The Indianapolis Colts WILL win the Super Bowl and everyone will finally admit, Peyton Manning is the better QB when comparing him to Tom Brady.