To the NFC Championship


What a game. It was the NFC East battle, I had talked about prior to the game, and Elite Manning showed up yet again making people think, just maybe the kid has finally become what the New York Giants had hoped.

The Giants defense looked superb on Dallas’ first drive of the game, shutting down Tony Romo quickly and forcing the Cowboys to punt with a 7-0 NYG lead. The next drive was a horrible choice of play calls by the Giants and lead to a punt on a 4th and 1 that gave Dallas the ball as they drove 90+ yards to tie the game.

On the Cowboys’ second drive they realized that Romo was overmatched by the pass rush and turned to Marion Barber who ate up yards as if there were pylons trying to tackle him. It is evident now that Romo is one of the most if not the most overrrated QBs in the NFL, and without Barber where would Dallas have finished this season? Certainly not 13-3.

I always give the Giants one horrible play in the game because come on it is the Giants and they are not going to play a perfect 60 minutes, they will keep you on the edge of your seat and just when you think you have a win it is stolen from you in a split second.

When Romo threw that interception ball to the chest of Corey Webster and Webster fumbled it around for about 45 seconds before dropping it, I knew at that point in time the G-Men were in trouble. The Cowboys had been in the middle of what turned out to be an 11 minute drive and Webster, had he picked it was alone to put a six spot on the board.

Next, I turn to the Giants offensive play calling, which gave Dallas the ball twice in the fourth quarter at crucial points, but we will stick with the thrre and out that almost cost the Giants their season.

With a couple minutes left in the game and the Giants deep in their own territory, Brandon Jacobs was given the ball on first, second, and third down. The last of the three plays was 3rd and 2 and Elite pitched it to Jacobs on the outside and he was tackled instantly. Jacobs is one heck of a player, but everyone in the league knows he is only effective running up the middle as his speed does not let him break free on the outside. The Giants were forced to punt and the Cowboys took over at the Giants 48 with just over 1:50 left in the game.

The rest is history.