Want some cheese with that whine?


Obviously the media needs something to discuss between Monday and Saturday to hype up the NFC Championship Game, but the Pakcers have chosen to whine about the Giants being a “dirty” team to reporters.

The game is football, isn’t it? There are going to be late hits, cheap shots, and unfair play at the bottom of piles, but who really goes and complains about it to media outlets?

I can only laugh at the thought of a NHL team whining to reporters about the other team’s chippiness before a seven games series in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The Giants had to deal with Ronde Barber’s antics about how he would not let Eli Manning beat him and then they had Patrick Crayton running his mouth about a Dallas blowout before last Sunday. I am sure Ronde and Patrick will enjoy watching the game at 6:30 from their living room.

Aaron Kampman should be watching film and getting rest rather than crying in the locker room after practice because Shaun O’Hara hit him in a football game.