Funny you should say so


It has been a few weeks since Rodney Harrison called the Giants “dirty” after their game in Week 17. And like Osi Umenyiora said, “That’s funny. We’ve got to be the dirtiest team of all time if Rodney Harrison thinks we’re dirty.”This story is once again becoming a hot topic as the two teams get ready to face each other again, and you can be sure Harrison will open his big mouth in the next 12 days and let something else ridiculous come out of it.

But, if the Giants were the dirtiest team in the league, maybe they are, mabe they aren’t, but if they were, Harrison should be playing for them right. He was voted the dirtiest player in the NFL by the players in 2004 in a Sports Illustrated poll and and in 2006 he took the title again when 361 other NFLers elected him. So, here are some notable achievements by good old Rodney Harrison:

2002 – Suspended without pay for helmet-to-helmet hit on Jerry Rice
2004 – NFL “Dirtiest” Player of the Year Award – Sports Illustrated
2006 – NFL “Dirtiest” Player of the Year Award – Sports Illustrated
2007 – 4 game suspension from the NFL for using performance-enhancing substances
2007 – Fined $5,000 for unnessarily taunting Baltimore head coach Brian Billick

He has also collected quite the prize purse for fines, totaling over $200,000 in his career. What an example being set forth by one of the game’s most sportsman-like figures.