L.T. = Lacks Toughness


LaDainian Tomlinson ran his mouth last season when his Chargers were eliminated by the Patriots and he stood there in front of microphones crying about the disrespect for the San Diego logo at the 50 yard line.

One year later after the Chargers upset the Colts, L.T. had his chance at redemption to make a mockery of the New England logo at Gillette Stadium, but he chose to sit on the sidelines with his helmet on, protected by his ridiculous facemask while Philip Rivers limped around the field on a torn ACL.

L.T. just sat there. Under a huge parka decorated in San Diego colors, Tomlinson rode the bench as his Chargers came up short of the endzone each time in the redzone.

Aside from the Chargers’ first possession, L(acks).T(oughness). watched his team get beat and did nothing to motivate or help the situation. I mean Sam Madison almost blew the Giants season the other day, but when he was injured on the sidelines the previous weeks he was as much of a coach (possibly even more) than Tom Coughlin. But L.T. just sat there quietly, isolated from the rest of his team, sobbing and moping behind his tinted two-way mirror.

I am not a fan of Philip Rivers or his antics with the Indianapolis fans in the divisional game, but you have to give the guy credit for playing the entire game Sunday on one leg, while his teammate, the supposed best running back in football, sat there and watched his team go down.