Next stop: Glendale


The Giants always make it close, no matter what. And if you watch the Giants on a regular basis, you would know their win over Green Bay was not uncommon.

They walked into Wisconsin as a huge underdog and came out victorious for the third straight week. Now they must face the best team in the NFL and arguably the best team in the history of the NFL in 12 days.

After witnessing emotions that only a high stakes game of no limit texas hold’em could bring during Sunday night’s contest, I thought I would let the win sink in a little before I analyzed the game and talked about what is in store for the G-Men in the biggest game of the year not only for them or the Patriots, but the entire sport of football.

Elite Manning was amazing once again, calm, cool, and collected. finding a way to win the game, a trait that has become consistent for the Giants QB. The defense played incredible as well and did not allow Brett Favre to pick apart their secondary the way every critic hoped he would.

Since we all know who played well and what went right for the Giants, I think it is better to take this time to let the players who tried their best to cost the Giants a trip to the Super Bowl have it.

Sam Madison is the first name that comes to my mind. Injured against New England in Week 17, Madison had not played until the Green Bay and took a penalty that almost lost the game for New York. His stupidity and need to act tough after the whistle turned a Green Bay FG attempt into a touchdown. Tom Coughlin stood there shaking his head when he should have been pulling Madison out of the game when he shouldn’t have started to begin with.

Why does R.W. McQuarters return punts? Maybe the better question is why does R.W. McQuarters play in the games period? After intercepting a Favre pass in the red zone, R.W. gave the ball instantly back by fumbling it giving the Packers a huge gain of yards rather than a turnover. Then when the Packers punted with little time left on the clock, visions of fumbles ran through my head, as McQuarters once again put the ball on the ground. Domenik Hixon is an amazing kickoff returner, you’re telling me he can’t return punts as well? He better be on February 3rd.

WOW is the only word I can think of to say about Lawrence Tynes. He cost the Giants on multiple occasions during the season and once again almost single-handedly cost them the entire season. There had never been a FG in the history of Lambeau Field playoffs 40+ yards, but somehow, Tynes was able to drill a 47 yarder. I am still in shock. How does one man go from goat to hero in such little time?

The Giants need to find a way to make every red zone possession a touchdown or they will not beat the Patriots (see: San Diego, AFC Championship).

I believe my pick was NYG 24, GB 20 in the last post. Not too bad.