No Tiki, No Shockey, No Problem


What happens when you remove Tiki Barber and Jeremy Shockey from the Giants? They win the NFC Championship.

Over on The Blue Screen, Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News’ blog, he has an interesting quote that Tiki said on his radio show, The Barber Shop.

When asked by his brother, Ronde Barber, if he was sad he left the Giants early, Tiki said, “I’m not, dude. I really am not. It’s interesting. My wife asked me that exact question. Ginny asked, ‘So you have to feel, even just a little bit of remorse that you left early.’ I said ‘Honey, I’m trying to make myself think that and wish I was still there. But I’m not. I was done with football. In my heart I knew I didn’t want to do it anymore. My life, personally and professionally, has gone a different way. My passion is elsewhere.”

Why does Tiki think if he stayed the Giants would have made the Super Bowl? They probably wouldn’t have even made the playoffs, and if they had they would have been ousted in the first round.

For some reason Tiki thinks he is the second coming of Barry Sanders, but we still remember him when he was fumbling four times a game, before he became a MVP-type back. Between his behavior towards the coaching staff through the media and his relationship with Eli, the Giants would have been 6-10 this season, and Tom Coughlin would be interviewing for the Falcons’ job. Eli would not have become Elite and the Dallas Cowboys would be playing in Super Bowl XLII. So thank you Tiki Barber for retiring early and pursuing a career in broadcasting.

Jeremy Shockey is another one. His constant bickering to Tom Coughlin and his attitude that he is still at the U (Miami) and the big man on campus is old. He is a distraction to the team and a head case who is all about him and not about the team. There is no “JEREMY” in “TEAM.”