We don’t need your help Dr. Z


Dr. Z (Paul Zimmerman) of SI.com is the first person to pick the G-Men over the Pats in the Super Bowl, and he won’t be the last. But to all the media members out there who want to join or create their own Giants bandwagon: please don’t.

The Giants have been media starved the past three weeks when it comes to picking the winner, and now people think they can knock off the greatest team in the history of football. Sure, I think they can, but I thought they would beat Tampa Bay, Dallas, and Green Bay as well. Where were all the analysts this past Sunday, when they begged for a Favre/Brady Super Bowl and dreamed of a championship without a Manning. Too bad for them, the Giants will be in Arizona next week.

Sure, Dr. Z has been agaisnt the Patriots all season long, but where was headline story the past two weeks saying the Giants would win then too.

Zimmerman like many others in the next 12 days will be waiting for their payday in a Giants victory so they look like heroes. Thanks for your support, but we don’t need it.