Plax reads G-Men HQ


Now, I am not 100% certain, nor am I serious at all, but when Plaxico Burress told the press yesterday that the Giants receivers were “better” than the Patriots, it could only make me think of the recent post regarding he and Wes Welker.

Maybe the Giants receivers aren’t as a whole better than New England’s, but the Patriots have the best offensive line in football, and it’s not even close.

Living in Boston, in the middle of Patriot land, I have seen all 18 games and all 18 wins this season, and Tom Brady owes the offensive line every last penny of his paycheck and his stardom. Tom Brady is a great QB, don’t get me wrong, but I have a hard time believing that there aren’t several starting QBs and even some backups that couldn’t be successful in the Patriots offense.

During one New England game this season, I can recall preaching about the Patriots’ O-Line to my friend. The very next play began at 9:38 when the ball was hiked. At 9:31 Tom Brady threw an incomplete pass. Nine seconds. Nine seconds in a football game is an eternity as Brady stood there like a statue with his head panning the entire field while his linemen held up the defense. And this isn’t a rare occurence by any means, Brady has this much time or close to this much time on every single play.

So, what does this mean for the receivers? Give Plaxico Burress nine seconds to get open. And give Elite Manning nine seconds to stand still and put his everything into a throw. Not rush, not hurried, not throwing the ball off balance on one foot with a hand in his face. The result…TOUCHDOWN GIANTS.