Feagles the difference maker


There are a lot of stories out about how the Giants have to manage the clock and how that is the only way they can beat the Patriots.

Well, I am not so sure that is the only way you can beat New England, but keeping them from excellent field position would be a start.

How many times last week did we see San Diego kickoff and the Patriots would catch it at their own 20 and return it to the 40, putting them a couple first downs away from FG range? The Chargers were basically handing out points to the Patriots by giving them excellent field position on both kickoffs and punts.

Next Sunday, it is up to Jeff Feagles to pin the Patriots deep the way he has done to the opposition all season and make sure they don’t begin their drives at the 50. Feagles goes under the radar as an important piece to this Giants team, and at the age of 42, he is still the best at his job in the entire league. Is there anyone else you would rather have out there needing a punt that will give the other team the ball at their own 5?

ESPN.com recently ran a list of the players on the Giants and Patriots, ranking every single player from Elite Manning to the Patriots’ waterboy and telling of their importance to the Super Bowl. Feagles was in the middle of that list written by someone who has probably not seen every Giants game, and seen what he is capable of or how he can single-handedly manage the clock for the G-Men.

As of right now, I would say Elite is the most important person on the Giants since he controls every offensive play they run and after throwing Plax and the pass rushers in there, I would have to say Feagles is definitely in the Top 10 for most important players on the Giants.

Feagles has helped the Giants just as much as anyone else this season reach the championship and maybe he can retire a champion on Super Sunday.