Media Day is today


The story about Tom Brady’s walking cast, his boot, his limp, and any other report that has surfaced since the AFC Championship can all be put to rest now that Brady is practicing. As if he was going to sit out the Super Bowl.For the past nine days Tom Brady’s status for Super Bowl XLII has been questioned enough that he has not left the front and/or back covers of multiple newspapers. The fact that this story has become such an event is the sole reason why this two-week layoff before the Super Bowl is ridiculous.

I mean if you like listening to Skip Bayliss ramble on for two full work weeks or like seeing shows such as Around the Horn or PTI get tarnished because their to-do list is full of Super Bowl hype and coverage then you are one of few.

The only good that comes out of the 14 day layoff is the prolonging of the football season, which shortens the awkward period between Super Sunday and Opening Day of MLB. The only realy sporting event between now and then is March Madness, which is still over a month away and I am sure you will be hearing a lot about Memphis and North Carolina between now and then.

So, today is Media Day, even though it has already been Media Nine Days and Counting. After the press conferences and all the hoopla that comes with today, I will be sure to evaluate what went down and if any Giants were called dirty or if any Patriots were called cheap.