Super Bowl XLII Prediction


Super Sunday is finally here after 14 days of hype and extensive coverage that has seen Tom Brady limp, Plaxico predict the outcome of the game, Congress call for the Spygate tapes, and now reports the Patriots cheated against the Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI. All of that and more packed into two weeks.

The last time I watched a Super Bowl the Giants were in, it was possibly the ugliest game of football I have ever seen, though this year against Minnesota was up there. But with so much at stake, the Giants folded like they were dealt 7-2 offsuit at a no-limit hold ’em table. It was embarrassing, disappointing, and heartbreaking all in one three-hour game that left the Giants as a joke at the hands of the Ravens.

That game was seven years ago and a lot has happened since. Since that game the Patriots have gone on to win three rings in three appearances, and very well could have had four if not for their epic collapse last season against the Colts. The NFC has been simply dominate in Super Bowls and only Tampa Bay has won it for the NFC since the Giants lost to the Ravens in that massacre.

Being a die-hard New York fan, living in downtown Boston for four years has been quite the time with the Yankees losing the 2004 ALCS to Boston and the Red Sox winning two World Series in four years. The Patriots won the Super Bowl once already, now going for two, and the people of Massachusetts are positive their team will win, and by the way they talk they would take on either Pro Bowl team in this game and still like their chances.

There have been a million predicitons of how this game will turn out. Patriots win in a blowout, Patriots win in a close game, and Giants win in a close game. There have been no predictions of a Giants blowout and rightfully so, but I really believe anything can happen in one game, as long as there is a chance it can.

There have been 522 NFL football games this season since the Colts pounded the Saints on opening night back in September. We have seen single season records shattered and personal milestones achieved. There have been unlikely upsets and devastating losses. Players injured and coaches fired. Last second field goals attempts and 100+ yard kickoff returns. All of this was done for a chance to play today, on Super Sunday in Game 523.

Tonight the Patriots will play for everything in the world and as I mentioned the 2004 ALCS earlier, it is the same exact scenario we face today. The Patriots are the Yankees, the best of their sport who are suppose to win each and every season while the Giants are the Red Sox, at least for today. If the Patriots win they were suppose to and if they lose it is the biggest upset in history. The Giants are playing with house money and they have the chance to put the house out of business.

If the Patriots win they are automatically given the title of the best team in the history of the NFL. If the Giants win, the sports world will  flip upside down and many football analysts should have their jobs stripped of them for giving the G-Men a 0% chance in the big game. The Giants have a chance to make up for the 2004 Yankees, handing out a devastating blow to the people of Massachusetts and New England.

I have not felt confident about the Giants for the past three games, but I still picked them to win and they haven’t let me down yet. But today I am confident in the New York Football Giants and believe they can bring home a championship to the tristate area. I hope the next time I blog on here, the Giants are Super Bowl Champions.

New York Football Giants 34, Patriots 31