Do you believe in miracles?


The Giants did what no one (except for a handful of people) though they could do. They played a way no one thought they could play. And they beat a team no one thought they could beat.

What a season this past one was. The G-Men had their back against the wall with an 0-2 record, minutes away from starting the year 0-3 and causin an uproar with the media and the front office. They managed to ride a rocky rollercoaster the rest of the season, going 10-4 after that awful start, only to be underdogs in the first round of the playoffs.

They beat Tampa Bay.

They beat Dallas.

They beat Green Bay.

And standing in front of them was the biggest challenge of all, the 18-0 New England Patriots, the game’s greatest team ever (or so we thought).

Led by their MVP QB Tom Brady and superstar wide receiver Randy Moss, the Patriots could not be beaten and had not been the entire season.

But last night was just one of those nights in sports that defines the phrase “that’s why you play the games.” Sure, the Patriots were the best team possibly ever on paper, but for 60 minutes of football in front of the entire world, the New York Giants emerged as the NFL’s best team.

Tom Brady looked like the 6th round draft pick he is, throwing balls everywhere but to his receivers and Bill Belichick looked like the coach who led to the Cleveland Browns moving out of town.

The funny thing is that is the pressure that every other QB in the league deals with a consistent basis, mainly Peyton Manning, who has been placed second under Brady while still putting up the same numbers moving around the pocket and making ridiculous throws. When Brady does not have his nine seconds to find an open guy, he is Tom Brady, the backup QB for Michigan and the 6th round draft pick of the New England Patriots.

Elite Manning was incredible and I laugh at anyone who can even think of putting him anywhere but third behind his brother and Brady in QB rankings. I am sure plenty of readers from The Landry Hat will be over hear to chirp the Super Bowl champions and I hate to break it to you, but your Tony Romo does not hold a candle to Eli, who if you didn’t hear is a WORLD CHAMPION.

After four years of living in Boston during two Red Sox championships and one Patriots, last night was revenge, making up for all of the previous pain and annoyances from the people of Massachusetts.

Every sports writer who chose the Patriots and chose them in a blowout, citing numerous reasons owes an apology. Bill Simmons of has some serious explaining to do, calling the Patriots season the perfect storm and how there was no way they could possibly lose in the Super Bowl. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, who scheduled a parade for tomorrow in Boston will most likely be at his office and not in city hall plaza starting a rally to honor his team. The Boston Globe can stop the sales on their special 19-0 books and all the other merchandise they had selling prior to the Super Bowl.

If you weren’t a fan of the Giants or Patriots last night, you witnessed the best football game of the year on so many levels, and possibly the best game ever, though that can easily be argued.My 34-31 pick was off the mark, though I did get the win by three correct. But I would have taken any combination that meant a win for New York.

There is so much to type and so much to analyze and it will all be done on here. But for now, it is time to celebrate the New York Football Giants. The Super Bowl champions.