What if


Everyone keeps talking about what if this happened or what if that happened on the heroic drive by Elite Manning to win the Super Bowl.

Most of the crazy talk and assumptions is coming from the disappointed and bitter New England fans, but enough is enough with the woulda, shoulda, coulda scenarios from the embarrassed Patriot faithful.

I have had enough with the what if statements that these people believe their Patriots still should have won the game. So, here are some of my own what ifs that could have changed the outcome of the game.

What if Archie Manning hadn’t created two NFL quarterbacks whose missions was to devastate the New England Patriots?

What if Junior Seau hadn’t been in the league since Archie Manning played?

What if Tom Brady hadn’t laughed at Plaxico’s prediction of 17 points for NE?

What if Tom Brady hadn’t asked Plaxico for at least 42 points?

What if Tom Brady actually went out and scored more than 14 points?

What if Bill Belichick got someone to tape the Giants walkthrough?

What if Stephen Gostowski didn’t send kickoffs out of bounds in the Super Bowl?

What if Howie Long didn’t curse the Patriots by putting on a Red Sox hat during the pre-game show?

What if Lawrence Maroney ran for more than 36 yards?

What if Jay Alford didn’t send Tom Brady into the ninth row with his sack on 2nd and 10 with 23 seconds left in the game?

What if Robert Kraft didn’t shoot his mouth off during media week and just kept to his macaroni and cheese production?

What if Charlies Weis had never left New England to go run the Notre Dame program into the ground?

What if Bill Belichick hadn’t walked on the field with one second left, maybe the Giants would have fumbled the kneel?

What if Bill Simmons didn’t tell the entire world that Patriots were not only the 1972 Dolphins but better?

What if David Tyree didn’t have ridiculous hand-eye coordination?

What if Vince Wilfork didn’t weigh as much as the Patriots regular season winning percentage?

What if individual records meant something in terms of winning a championship?