NFC 2, AFC 0


It has been a week since the destruction of the wanna-be dynasty the New England Patriots were trying to create. Winning the Super Bowl three of four years and then not winning one of the next three officially ends your bid at a dynasty in my book.

The Pro Bowl was pretty uninteresting yesterday. With one member of the Giants playing, how much of a Pro Bowl was it?

Tony Romo got to play, so I am sure the Dallas fans are happy he got to play in some type of Bowl this season, and T.O. was there as well. But, then again there were 83 players from Dallas in the game, and I am pretty sure members of their front office, locker room attendants, two of their waterboys, and one of Texas Stadium’s video replay officials were also member of the NFC Pro Bowl team.

Other than Peyton Manning throwing bombs and scoring 17 points in one quarter and Adrian Peterson making the AFC defenders wonder why they agreed to play in the game, the all-star festival was eventful, except for the fact that the NFC might once again be better than the AFC.

If you win the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl in the same season, I would have to say you are the dominant conference. So, here is to the best conference in football: The NFC.

With the season over, the blog will take a different approach this off-season as I plan on having some interviews and discussions posted with Giants beat writers and other bloggers from the Big Blue.