Who is America’s Team?


This title gets thrown around all the time and after the Dallas Cowboys became America’s Team when they were running the show and the league in the mid 90s, it seemed like it fit their franchise, even if everyone outside of Dallas despises the Cowboys.

With a cocky owner like Jerry Jones and a cast of characters made up of the game’s biggest clowns and spoiled stars, how is it possible that America could possibly want the Dallas Cowboys to represent them?

Is it their winning past that gave them such a mighty name of their simplistic logo of the star, a symbol of the U.S.? Was it the fact that they play in Texas, an American icon, or that Troy Aikman was viewed as the All-American athlete?

After the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2001, 2003, and 2004, their fans thought they had officially taken over the throne and were the “new” America’s Team, the same way these sports fans think their teams are the most elite in all sports.

Now, with New York back on the map with the Giants winning Super Bowl XLII, there are sure to be a lot of new products out there with the “ny” logo on them and sure enough the 2009 version of Madden will begin with the Giants in the team selection process.

I am not saying that the Giants should be considered America’s Team or that I even want them to be. I can’t stand people jumping on the bandwagon no matter what sport it is, and it is a shame for people to like the New York Giants just because they won the championship.

So, what I am saying is that if there is a team that should be America’s Team, is it still Dallas?