Coughlin Here To Stay


With reports of Tom Coughlin soon to be signing a long term deal with the Giants, I thought it would be good make good with the coach I have been critical of in the past.Obviously winning a Super Bowl, beating the so-called “greatest” team ever, ruining a perfect 19-0 season, ending Brett Favre’s magical 2008 season at Lambeau, knocking off the Cowboys in Texas Stadium, and dealing with all the pressure of coaching in New York after an 0-2 start will get fans on your side. But I think it is time to apologize to Coughlin for the bashing I have done of him over the course of his tenure with the G-Men.

I still can’t get over the fact of how much Jeremy Shockey was babied and how the players on the team would take undisciplined, untimely, and unnecessary penalties, but with the absence of the most selfish player in the league  and the fact that the penalties dwindled when they needed to in the playoffs, you can’t help but give Coughlin credit for this turnaround.

Everyone likes to talk about how Eli Manning was able to go from goat to hero instantly, but Coughlin was able to do the same when he outcoached his former co-worker Bill Belichick in once again “the biggest upset in the history of football.” He has taken the heat from the media as the head of the Giants, but I guess the front office knew what they were doing keeping him around to win the title.

So I am sorry for the harsh criticism over the past few seasons Mr. Coughlin. But, don’t think it won’t continue if there are illogical decisions made next season and beyond.