On Monday night there will be tw..."/>

On Monday night there will be tw..."/>

Monday Night Football Double Header


On Monday night there will be two games this week, however one of them (Baltimore at Houston) isn’t supposed to be on Monday, but was moved because of Hurricane Ike’s path towards Texas.

But you know what? There should be two games on Monday night.

Last week was the best week of football until the playoffs. The Giants opened on Thursday, there were another 13 games on Sunday, and then ESPN gave the nation a double dose of football with Minnesota/Green Bay at 7:00 and then Denver/Oakland at 10:15. Why not keep this trend up?

There is no reason that there can’t be an early game on Monday Night Football every week and then a late game on the west coast to follow. Sure, there might be some east coast people who are fans of west coast teams that wouldn’t get the chance to see their favorite team play, but on the same side, if you are a real fan and your team plays once a week, wouldn’t you stay up to watch them anyways?

It is obviously too late to do this for the 2008 season, but will all the talk about expanding the schedule and adding more games, why not make an easy decision like this and double the games on Monday night? Whoever holds the broadcasting rights at the time, which happens to be ESPN right now, would probably love the extra game as they could increase their advertising dollars and have all the sports fans in the country tuned into ESPN for late night on Monday.

Seems to make sense to me. Hopefully it makes sense for the NFL to make the switch.