The Battle Of Overrated


Monday Night Football this week has a big match-up. The overrated Philadelphia Eagles at the overrated Dallas Cowboys.

Why do the Eagles get so much credit? What did they do lately? Oh yeah, they destroyed arguably the worst team in the NFL. And their QB didn’t get hurt yet, so I guess that means they are a contender right. That must be why they are cracking the Top 5 or are just outside of it on every major media outlet’s power rankings.

Every year football fans have their minds filled with this idea that Donovan McNabb is the most talented QB in the league and some elite QB. I mean maybe it’s just me, but the same QB that everyone drools over is the same guy who hasn’t played an entire season since 2003, isn’t he? And let’s not forget that the Eagles haven’t exactly been some super power since their loss to New England in the Super Bowl in the 2004 season. Since their loss in Super Bowl XXXIX, the Eagles have gone 25-24 and 1-1 in the playoffs. I guess .500 football for the last three seasons is the product of a “championship” team.

But it wouldn’t matter if the entire team quit, or their stadium shut down, or the organization folded and didn’t exist anymore, people would still rant and rave about the Philadelphia Eagles. The team that has accomplished nothing. NOTHING.

And the Cowboys, oh man. Sure, I get it. The Cowboys won a bunch of games last year and they have returned the same team and have even added the scum that is Adam Jones to their defense. But, let’s be honest is there anymore of a overrated team in professional sports than the Dallas Cowboys? No, there isn’t and it isn’t even close.

The Cowboys are a great show to watch, in the regular season, but then when the second season starts, well that is when their show usually ends. The Dallas Cowboys have not won a playoff game since December 28, 1996. That’s right this December will mark 12 years since the ‘boys won in the postseason. And let’s be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me if they once again failed in the playoffs again this season.

So tune into Monday Night Football this week for Part 1 of the Overrated Championship. Whoever wins will be deemed heavy favorite to win the Super Bowl and the team that loses. Well they might just be tagged as what they are: overrated.