Wednesday Morning Quarterback


I figure Peter King has his Monday Morning Quarterback on, does their Tuesday Morning Quarterback, so why not add Wednesday into the mix. And here you have it the first edition of Wednesday Morning Quarterback.


Without Jeremy Shockey on the Giants in 2008, G-Men tight ends (and by tight ends I mean Kevin Boss) have zero catches in two games. But is anyone really worried about Boss’ inactivity or upset with Shockey’s absence?

If the Patriots are favored by 12.5 at home against the Dolphins with Matt Cassel as their QB, what would the line have been if Tom Brady was in the lineup in Week 3?

Terrell Owens is now second on the all-time touchdown list to Jerry Rice. Say by some chance T.O. catches Rice and passes him. Does that mean we would have to call Owens the greatest receiver of all-time?

The Vikings are so one-dimensional offensively, every team should play the entire defense for the run because that is the only way Minnesota is advancing the ball. Is there any question that anyone could do Tavaris Jackson’s job (hand the ball off)?

Apparently the Rams owner claims there will be changes made if the team doesn’t turn it around. Is there any doubt that changes are going to be made in St. Louis?



1. San Diego Chargers
The Oakland Raiders, Atlanta Falcons, and San Francisco 49ers all have one win in their record. The San Diego Chargers have none. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Last week ranked the Bolts No. 3 in their power rankings. This week they pulled their heads from their rear and bumped them down to 13th. The Chargers are not a good team it’s really plain and simple. They have a lot of superstars and they have a lot of big names, but what they don’t have is the ability to show up every week and put together 60 minutes of football. Last week they blamed a bad call by an official for their loss. Norv Turner sat at the podium and said how it was “unacceptable” for a ref to miss a call like that. But I guess it wasn’t unacceptable for his defense to give up 39 points, allow three drives of 80 yards, and give up a two-point conversion to lose the game.

2. New Orleans Saints
You never know what you will get when you watch a Saints game. And the result they produced on Sunday, well it was no shocker to anyone who knows the team that defines inconsistent. The Saints had a 7-6 lead against the Redskins, they had a 10-9 lead, they had a 17-9 lead, and they had a 24-15 lead at the end of the third quarter. But after the Redskins put together drives of 82 yards and 67 yards, Washington came away victorious 29-24. Of course this nice little comeback win was made possible by a Drew Bress interception with 3:08 left, but the Saints are still up to their old tricks of ’07, after such a promising 2006 season.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars
I am tired of hearing about the Jacksonville Jaguars. They are 0-2 and are now headed to Indy to face the Colts who have the true meaning of momentum on their side going into Week 3. David Garrard has thrown one touchdown and three interceptions on the season and has a stellar 65.6 QB Rating, not to mention a fumble under his belt as well. If the Jags think they are capable of making the postseason in ’08 it’s going to have to be as a wild card. And if they think they are capable of being a wild card team they are going to have to get to work. That is after they fall to 0-3 this weekend.

4. Philadelphia Eagles
They almost took down the Dallas Cowboys in Texas Stadium. The same way DeShaun Jackson almost reached the end zone on Monday night. The Eagles have a solid offense considering they have put up 38 and 37 points respectively in the first two games of the season.

5. New York Jets
That’s right the Jets are on this list. Who would have thought the Jets were rated, let alone overrated, but the fact is they are. All last week in the New York tabloids I read about how this was their chance to overtake the Patriots and control the East and after Sunday I read about how they missed their opportunity and let the Jets off the hook. The Patriots are a better team than the Jets with or without Tom Brady. Their offensive line is better. Their wide receivers are better. Their running backs are better. Their defense is better. Their special teams are better. Adding a quarterback like Brett Favre doesn’t make a four win team a division champion, especially when that quarterback throws interceptions at the most inopportune times.



ESPN is still obsessed with Aaron Rodgers and it seems as if every completion he throws is advertised on the bottom ticker on the network. No. 12 has been good in his first two games of the season, but he gets his real first test when the Cowboys visit Lambeau this weekend.

The Buffalo Bills are 60 easy minutes of football versus the Raiders from being 3-0 on the season and at the least sharing the top spot in the AFC East. 10 days ago when Tom Brady went down I said the Bills were going to take the division and I think more and more people are believing in Buffalo.

While the Saints continue to display the same inconsistencies that plagued them in ’07, Jake Delhomme has his Panthers 2-0 with a trip to Minnesota up next. Here’s a scouting report on the Vikings: Adrian Peterson is really good. Tavaris Jackson is not.

The AFC West is doing its best to challenge the NFC West as the worst division in the league, but for now this west coast division takes the cake. The Cardinals have looked decent, but against two awful teams. They can build on their confidence against the middle tier Redskins in the nation’s capital.

The Dolphins looked much improved in Week 1, but it might have just been Chad Pennington trying to prove something to Eric Mangini. I think the over/under on wins for Miami this season was four and I am pretty sure those who took the under will be cashing in.

If the Steelers don’t win this division and go at least 5-1 (they should go 6-0 but I will give them one mulligan) then Mike Tomlin should be sent packing. Carson Palmer has had a pretty poor two weeks to start the year and I am pretty sure it isn’t going to get better this weekend with the defense the G-Men.

Jacksonville is 0-2 and the Colts are coming off an incredible come from behind win on the road in which they had a backup offensive line protecting Peyton Manning. Is there any chance for the overrated Jags in Indy? Sure doesn’t seem like it.

The Chargers have score 62 points in two games and are 0-2 and will host the New York Bretts in Week 3. Norv Turner better stop crying about the blown fumble call and start thinking about how he is going to prevent a team picked by many to go the distance to avoid an 0-3 start.

With this being the first edition of the Wednesday Morning Quarterback it is somewhat short, but there will be plenty more to come in the second edition, that’s it for now.