Well the Jets/Chargers game just ended and if I learned anything from watching another Monday Night Football shootout, it’s that the Jets are one bad football team. And I am not talking about just the team on the field, I am talking about the organization as a whole and that includes Mr. Eric Mangini.

The whole world seems to be in love with Brett Favre and so infatuated with the Wrangler Man that they forget he is just a big name on a bad team. Favre is far removed from the player he was eight months ago on a team that was a score away from the Super Bowl.

Tonight was a true indication of what Brett Favre has become, but he sure had no help from the play calls being made from the sidelines or the defense that might as well have been replaced by pylons.

After quickly turning over the ball to start the game following a couple first downs, the Jets defense got a pick six gift from Philip Rivers and just like that the enthusiasm from the San Diego crowd has been deflated. But it didn’t take long for the San Diego offense to get rolling and they kept rolling all night long, not needing to punt the ball until the end of the third quarter.

The two picks Favre threw in the game aren’t really shocking, considering he has thrown the most interceptions in the history of the NFL, and it seems like the majority of those have came in big games or untimely situations. But the coaching from the New York Jets tonight was unacceptable and someone has to be held accountable for such an ugly display of football.

How in the world does Eric Mangini call for an onside kick in the second quarter of a game? How is that play call justified and how does someone on the Jets sideline not tell him it isn’t a good idea before he goes through with it? But aside from that ridiculous decision that put the game on ice early, who was making the defensive decisions for the Jets? The Chargers offensive coordinator?

Obviously this game doesn’t effect the Giants because the only way they would see either of these teams would be if they squared off in the Super Bowl. But I am ranting because living in the tri-state area, I am tired of seeing Brett Favre coverage on the front and back pages of the paper and all over television. The Jets aren’t winning the AFC East. They aren’t winning a wild card berth. They aren’t even going to win seven games. They barely beat the Dolphins (will probably lose to them next time), lost to a Tom Brady-less Patriot team, and got blown out by an 0-2 Chargers team.

But you know what’s worse than the Jets being called playoff contenders? The fact that the Chargers win against the Jets will have critics giving Super Bowl hope back to San Diego and probably giving them Top 10 consideration in power rankings.