Protecting The Ball


Watching Monday Night Football tonight when the Jets fumbled the ball early in the game, it got me thinking. When was the last time the Giants fumbled the ball in a game and lost possession. It seems like forever ago that the G-Men turned the ball over via a fumble and without Tiki Barber in uniform since the beginning of last season, it seems like the Giants fumble the ball a lot less.

But aside from the R.W. McQuarters lost fumble against the Packers in the NFC Championship Game, which nearly cost the Giants the season, it really has been a long time since there was a Giants lost fumble in a regular season game. In fact, the last lost fumble was in Week 16 of last season against Buffalo when Eli Manning fumbled five times, that’s right five times, and lost two of the fumbles to the Bills. So as of now, the Giants are riding a four game regular season streak of no lost fumbles.

Then again, the Giants have had only one turnover in the first three weeks of this season. The one turnover was the interception thrown by Eli against Washington on opening night. But, the Giants have also only forced one turnover, which was the interception for a touchdown produced by Justin Tuck.

So, while the Giants have not turned the ball over many times recently, they haven’t forced many turnovers either. But as long as they keep winning football games, it doesn’t really matter.