Week 3 Recap: NYG 26, CIN 23 OT


First, I would like to apologize for the lack of updates over the weekend and the for not posting the pre-game notes as I was out of town. As for the game…

When are the Giants going to play 60 minutes of football? Sure I understand a win is a win and they are 3-0, but they were very close to being 2-1 and losing to a bad team in the Bengals.

If Cincinnati had better clock management in the final plays of regulation, they would have had one if not two shots at the end zone instead of having to settle for a game tying field goal. But luckily for the Giants the Bengals screwed up the final seconds and gave the G-Men a chance to win in overtime.

I can’t get on the offense too much considering they did put up 26 points, but they need to get more consistent with scoring six points on long drives and not three. There have been too many times in the first three games of this season that the Giants have gone down the field and come away with just a field goal and not a touchdown. Because of this, two of the three games have been rather close scores.

But back to the 60 minutes of football. The Giants had the Redskins beat with a 16-0 lead in Week 1, then after coming out strong they sort of let up and the final score was 16-7, with no points scored by the Giants in the second half. In Week 2, the Giants were in a one possession game with the Rams (the worst team in the league) at the beginning of the second half before the G-Men took off. And now this week the Giants for some reason could not find a groove long enough to put the game out of reach from the Bengals an because of it, they almost went into the bye week with a 2-1 record.

So the New York Football Giants are 3-0 for the first time since 2000 even though they have played some flawed football over the first three weeks. They should just be happy that Washington, St. Louis, and Cincinnati happened to be the first three games on their schedule.

The Giants have two weeks off. They have 13 games left in the season and like I said all along they need 10 wins to get in the playoffs and by that standard they need to go 7-6 the rest of the way to clinch a spot. How reasonable is that? Well let’s take a look at the rest of their opponents:

SEA (1-2)
CLE (0-3)
SF (2-1)
PIT (2-1)
DAL (3-0)
PHI (2-1)
BAL (2-0)
ARI (2-1)
WSH (2-1)
PHI (2-1)
DAL (3-0)
CAR (2-1)
MIN (1-2)

Aside from the Cowboys and Eagles, there are really no good teams out of the other nine games. So, while 10-6 would get the job done, I am going to say that the Giants go 12-4 and hopefully that will get them first place in the NFC East and a bye. That way they only need one win in the playoffs to get into the NFC Championship. Obviously this is all hypothetical, but I mean come on, are any of the teams not from Dallas or Philadelphia on the schedule that good? Nope.