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Reaction To Plaxico Suspension


Tom Rock of Newsday has reaction from the coaches and players on Plaxico Burress’ suspension. Here are quotes from some of the Giants from the locker room today.

“I think we are all saddened by it. But we want to make sure the message is loud and clear. We have had success here because of the team concept. And the team concept means basically that everyone is accountable and responsible and that we don’t let other guys down. And that is what we are trying to do. We are trying to acknowledge one of our guys had a violation of a team rule and we want to bring him back on very good terms. We try to do this the right way.” – Tom Coughlin

“My job is to get ready for Seattle. I don’t have any bad feelings. When he gets back, we will come back and we will get going again. But for Seattle, we will have a new guy. We will have Hixon playing ‘X’ and obviously he has proved that he can make plays and can do a good job for us.” – Eli Manning

“It’s a private matter and it has to do with Plax and his family,” Rosenhaus said. “He had some responsibility that he needed to take care of as it relates to his family. The most unfortunate thing here is there was a lack of cummunication. In talking to Plax, he feels bad about that obviously and it’s something that we can’t do anything about now. We have to respect their decision, but we don’t agree with it. And as a result we have spoken to the NFL Players Association and Richard Bertlesen, the executive director and we’ve consulted with them and asked if we can request an immediate hearing to get Plaxico reinstated. Although we do acknowledge that there was an infraction here and a violation of team rules, it’s not something that we think is tantamount for Plaxico being suspended from the team for these two weeks, especially the ball game.” – Drew Rosenhaus

It has not been set in stone yet as to who will take Plaxico’s spot in the lineup, but Domenik Hixon was on the field opposite to Amani Toomer today.