The New York Bengals?


Usually NFL criminal stories are in some way, shape, or form related to the Cincinnati Bengals. But when two stories in a week come out involving the New York Giants, then that calls for some blogging. So here is the recent police log involving members of the Big Blue.

Earlier today I wrote that I would not get into the Plaxico Burress situation because aside from the suspension the monetary matters don’t really, well, matter. But now after it has come out recently that Plax had some problems at his home where he was supposedly involved in domestic disturbances, it appears the league might step in for Plax failing to report these issues. And the result could be more missed time from the playing field. Now Plaxico did not get arrested for these infractions and the two restraining orders from his wife were thrown out, so I am not sure how what he did could be a problem with the league office, if in fact he didn’t get charged with it. And what Plaxico and his family want to do at home is their business as we are here to talk football. But when his home isseues interfere with his appearance on the field, then there is a problem. Hopefully Plaxico will not miss anymore time.

Danny Ware might be on the Giants roster, but he is about as much a part of the Giants as anyone who reads this blog (considering he appeared in one game in 2007 and one game so far in 2008), so his criminal charges are really irrelevant. But beause he is listed on the G- Men roster, we will discuss them. Ware, the Georgia alum was apparently drinking himself into oblivion after the Bulldogs embarrassing performance to Alabama and for that, he was arrested for pedestrian under the influence and pedestrian in the roadway. Ware blew a 0.182 (where I live in Connecticut the limit is .08) in a breathalyzer test, but since I don’t know if the Georgia limit is the same (I am assuming it is), Ware blew an astounding 2.275 times the legal limit in Connecticut (and possibly Georgia as well though I will have to look). He was released at 9:45am on $500 bond.