A Lot Has Changed


Since the last time the Giants and Seahawks met on September 24, 2006, a lot has changed (hence the blog title). Because the last time these two NFC teams squared off, the Giants were embarrassed at home losing 42-30 and were 1-2 facing some serious problems while the Seahawks remained undefeated at 3-0.

But unless you remember that game you will know that the game really was not as close as the score indicates.

After the first quarter the Seahawks led 21-0.

At halftime the Seahawks led 35-3.

After the third quarter the Seahawks led 42-3.

But the Giants scored 27 points in the fourth quarter to the Seahawks 0 and that is what closed the gap.

On that crazy day in Seattle, Eli Manning threw for three TDs and three INTs. Matt Hasselback threw for five TDs and three INTs. And Plaxico Burress had a fumble. So all in all in there were seven turnovers in the game and I guess that has a lot to with 72 points being scored.

The Seahawks at the time were coming off a Super Bowl appearance where they lost to Pittsburgh and they were looking like the favorite to represent the NFC again in the big game.

From the start of the 2003 season until after their 42-30 defeat of the Giants on September 24, 2006, the Seahawks went 34-19 including their trip to the Super Bowl. But it seems that day at Qwest field in the northwestern region of the United States changed the course of both the Giants and the Seawhawks.

Because since that game, the Giants have gone from a mediocre team in the league (22-30 with playoffs from 2003 until after their 42-30 loss) to a powerhouse, the same type of powerhouse the Seahawks were prior to that game.  The Giants have gone 24-13 (including the playoffs) with a Super Bowl championship since that devastating loss. And at the same time, the Seahawks have gone from powerhouse to mediocrity, posting a 19-17 (including the playoffs) since that day.

If anything, the scoring of that 42-30 Seahawks win symbolizes the change that has occurred in both teams over the past few seasons. The Seahawks were dominant in the game as they kept building onto their score until their 42-3 lead. But then the Giants began to come back while the Seahawks went from superhuman to human.

So, while the Giants (3-0) enter the game Sunday on the verge of returning to the glory they experienced in the late 80s and early 90s, the Seahawks (1-2) seem to be on their way to returning to the team they were before the start of the 2003 season.